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Andrew and Helen Chuch Wedding Picture
The people in the party that I recognize include Barbara Mills, Marjery Slosson, Fred Slosson, William Chuch. I believe that Philip Stan, Jr. is the ring bearer. The others are unknown to me.
(At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld.) 
  16 Jan 2017


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Baptized   Last Modified 
MOODY, Louisa Clementine 
   21 Jan 2017
KEMP, Susan 
b. 1792   21 Jan 2017
SLAWSON, William 
b. Between 1820 and 1825  Lowndes County, Alabama  21 Jan 2017
SLAWSON, Garlonus Lafate 
b. 1879  Mississippi  21 Jan 2017
SLAWSON, Eva Grace 
b. 24 Mar 1932  Mississippi  21 Jan 2017
SLAWSON, Bertha Mae 
b. 1934  Mississippi  21 Jan 2017
SLAWSON, Moody Garlonus 
b. 1929  Mississippi  21 Jan 2017
SLAWSON, Christine 
b. 1928  Mississippi  21 Jan 2017
SLAWSON, Earnest Earl 
b. 1924  Mississippi  21 Jan 2017
SLAWSON, Gertrude 
b. 1920  Mississippi  21 Jan 2017


 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Married   Last Modified 
 F06090  I51704  John Zeddock SLAWSON  I32983  Abt 1820  21 Jan 2017
 F35751  I86863  Garlonus Lafate SLAWSON  I86864    21 Jan 2017
 F01698  I52714  Fred Raymond SLOSSON  I39771    21 Jan 2017
 F01699  I38462  Kevin MCNAIR  I53008    21 Jan 2017
 F13669  I52607  Craig Raymond SLOSSON  I55272    17 Jan 2017
 F35756  I86880  Claborn James HICKS  I86875  25 Oct 1952  16 Jan 2017
 F35755  I86871  Earnest Earl SLAWSON  I86879    16 Jan 2017
 F35754  I86874  Vester SLAWSON  I86877    16 Jan 2017
 F01694  I53132  Willis Raymond SLOSSON  I31072  20 Jun 1925  16 Jan 2017