Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts



Latitude: 42.6791832, Longitude: -70.8411558


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Susannah  1646Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I01264
2 ANDREWS, Daniel  Abt 1690Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I02207
3 APPLETON, Colonel John Esq.  16 Oct 1652Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79834
4 APPLETON, Col. Samuel  1656Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I02408
5 BISHOP, Samuel  20 Sep 1685Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I65012
6 BOREMAN, Hannah  18 Feb 1671Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I06716
7 DAVISON, Peter  Abt 1670Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I83432
8 DAY, Robert  17 Jan 1683Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I15566
9 DENISON, Elizabeth  10 Apr 1642Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I18469
10 EDWARDS, Mary  1667Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I20579
11 FOSTER, Abraham  14 Oct 1659Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22882
12 FOSTER, Benjamin  Jun 1665Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22888
13 FOSTER, Daniel  14 Nov 1670Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22891
14 FOSTER, Eleazer  Apr 1684Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22898
15 FOSTER, Elizabeth  20 Apr 1667Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22901
16 FOSTER, Hannah  24 Oct 1676Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22922
17 FOSTER, Jacob  09 Feb 1661/2Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22930
18 FOSTER, Jonathan  09 Jan 1658/9Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22937
19 FOSTER, Martha  01 Aug 1672Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22944
20 FOSTER, Mary  26 Jun 1669Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22949
21 FOSTER, Mehitabel  19 Sep 1660Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22950
22 FOSTER, Nathan  17 May 1700Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22957
23 FOSTER, Prudence  23 May 1675Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22963
24 FOSTER, Ruth  20 Feb 1673/4Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22970
25 FOSTER, Sarah  Mar 1687/8Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22973
26 FREESE, Katherine  21 Jan 1671Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I23379
27 GAGE, Josiah  1647Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I23728
28 HALE, Martha  1658Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I26805
29 KIMBALL, Caleb  02 Jan 1708Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I33755
30 KNOWLTON, Mary  29 Mar 1681Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I34250
31 LOW, Catherine  30 Jun 1820Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I69197
32 PERLEY, John  28 Sep 1669Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I43952
33 POTTER, Anthony  1667Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I45149
34 POTTER, Samuel  1688Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I45177
35 ROGERS, Elizabeth  1 Jul 1663Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79833
36 SAFFORD, Hannah  11 Jan 1681Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I47842
37 TUTTLE, Simon  17 Sep 1667Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I69147
38 WAITE, John  1749Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I58845
39 WHIPPLE, John  30 Mar 1660Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I60831
40 WHIPPLE, Matthew  20 Dec 1658Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I60836


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 APPLETON, John  4 Nov 1699Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79835
2 APPLETON, Colonel John Esq.  11 Sep 1739Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79834
3 APPLETON, Col. Samuel  15 May 1696Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I02408
4 APPLETON, Col. Samuel  15 May 1696Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79840
5 DENISON, Elizabeth  13 Jul 1723Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I18469
6 DICKINSON, Mercy  12 Apr 1751Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I19075
7 DOWNING, Hannah  27 Nov 1678Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I19733
8 DRESSER, Hannah  Bef 1730Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I19852
9 DRESSER, Martha  05 Sep 1728Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I19880
10 DRESSER, Samuel  02 Nov 1752Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I19892
11 FOSTER, Abraham  23 May 1741Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22882
12 FOSTER, Benjamin  1700Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22888
13 FOSTER, Eleazer  15 Nov 1771Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22898
14 FOSTER, Isaac  Between Mar 1691 and 1692Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22927
15 FOSTER, Jacob  09 Jul 1710Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22929
16 FOSTER, Jonathan  15 May 1661Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22937
17 FOSTER, Mehitabel  Between Feb 1660 and 1661Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22950
18 FOSTER, Reginald Jr.  28 Dec 1707Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22965
19 GLOVER, Priscilla  18 Feb 1696/97Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79836
20 HALE, Martha  Mar 1692Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I26805
21 JACKSON, Mary  27 Nov 1677Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I31967
22 KINSMAN, Martha  15 Oct 1666Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I34039
23 OLIVER, Mary  15 Feb 1697Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79841
24 PAINE, Hannah  Bef 1655/56Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79842
25 PERLEY, John  02 May 1725Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I43952
26 POTTER, Anthony  1756Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I45149
27 POTTER, Samuel  19 Feb 1728Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I45177
28 ROGERS, Elizabeth  13 Mar 1754Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79833
29 THURLEY, Lydia  13 Aug 1716Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I56944
30 TUTTLE, Simon  Jan 1691/92Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I69149
31 WHIPPLE, John  11 Jun 1722Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I60831
32 WHIPPLE, Matthew  Between 28 Jan 1738 and 1739Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I60836


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 TUTTLE, Simon  11 Jan 1691/92Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts I69149


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Appleton / Oliver  8 Dec 1656Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F32157
2 Appleton / Paine  2 Apr 1651Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F32158
3 CUSHING / GILMAN  19 Jun 1645Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F10154
4 FOSTER / DANE  Abt 1652Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F08464
5 FOSTER / DOWNING  25 Nov 1678Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F08460
6 FOSTER / FISKE  06 Dec 1703Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F09972
7 FOSTER / FREESE  Between Mar 1692 and 1693Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F09966
8 FOSTER / HALE  Between 16 Mar 1679 and 1680Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F08461
9 FOSTER / JACKSON  05 May 1658Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F08459
10 FOSTER / KINSMAN  Between 12 Jan 1657 and 1658Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F08462
11 FOSTER / LORD  Between 26 Feb 1666 and 1667Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F08463
12 GALLUP / HARRIS  Abt 1675Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F02238
13 POTTER / DRESSER  11 Jul 1695Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F09816
14 POTTER / DRESSER  22 Mar 1711Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F09808
15 STOREY / FOSTER  Abt 1640Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F06488
16 WHIPPLE / APPLETON  1688Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F11018
17 WOOD / FOSTER  08 Dec 1691Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts F09970