Glemsford, Suffolk, England



Latitude: 52.0965530, Longitude: 0.6685219


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BELGRAVE, Christopher  1562Glemsford, Suffolk, England I05041
2 BELGRAVE, John  Abt 1530Glemsford, Suffolk, England I05044
3 BELGRAVE, Richard  1509Glemsford, Suffolk, England I05045
4 BELGRAVE, Thomas  1561Glemsford, Suffolk, England I05046
5 HADELSTONE, Elizabeth  1513Glemsford, Suffolk, England I26676
6 ISABELLE  Abt 1468Glemsford, Suffolk, England I31855
7 JOHANE  Abt 1478Glemsford, Suffolk, England I32205
8 JOHANNA, Catherine or  1512Glemsford, Suffolk, England I32207
9 STRUTT, Alice  Abt 1500Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55597
10 STRUTT, Ambrose  Abt 1538Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55598
11 STRUTT, Ann  Abt 1565Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55599
12 STRUTT, Audrey  Abt 1521Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55600
13 STRUTT, Elizabeth  Abt 1498Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55601
14 STRUTT, Erasmus  Abt 1519Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55602
15 STRUTT, Eustace  Abt 1523Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55603
16 STRUTT, Johanna  1536Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55604
17 STRUTT, John  Abt 1466Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55606
18 STRUTT, John  Abt 1494Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55607
19 STRUTT, John  1508Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55605
20 STRUTT, Katherine  Abt 1502Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55608
21 STRUTT, Margery  Abt 1504Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55609
22 STRUTT, Robert  Abt 1496Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55610
23 STRUTT, Thomas  Abt 1492Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55612
24 STRUTT, Thomas  Abt 1542Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55611
25 STRUTT, Ursala  Abt 1525Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55613


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BELGRAVE, Thomas  13 Dec 1567Glemsford, Suffolk, England I05046
2 FROST, Anne  28 Nov 1586Glemsford, Suffolk, England I23519
3 FROST, Elizabeth  24 Mar 1588Glemsford, Suffolk, England I23527
4 STRUTT, Ambrose  22 Mar 1563Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55598


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BELGRAVE, John  1591Glemsford, Suffolk, England I05044
2 FROST, Anne  27 Dec 1586Glemsford, Suffolk, England I23519
3 JOHANNA, Catherine or  18 Aug 1578Glemsford, Suffolk, England I32207
4 STRUTT, Ambrose  Bef 12 May 1591Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55598
5 STRUTT, Johanna  14 Aug 1577Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55604
6 STRUTT, John  22 Apr 1591Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55605
7 STRUTT, Thomas  17 Jul 1551Glemsford, Suffolk, England I55611


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 FROST, Anne  27 Dec 1586Glemsford, Suffolk, England I23519


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BELGRAVE / HADELSTONE  25 Jun 1544Glemsford, Suffolk, England F02025
2 BELGRAVE / STRUTT  22 Sep 1560Glemsford, Suffolk, England F02023
3 FROST / BELGRAVE  26 Sep 1585Glemsford, Suffolk, England F02012
4 STRUTT / JOHANNA  1533Glemsford, Suffolk, England F02024