Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DOOLITTLE, Ebenezer  15 Apr 1700Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I99772
2 FOOTE, Elizabeth  06 Mar 1666Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I22760
3 FOOTE, Capt Joseph  06 Mar 1666Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I22774
4 HOUGH, Samuel  16 Feb 1682Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I29757
5 HOUGH, Susanna  27 Nov 1683Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I29769
6 LATHROP, Israel  Oct 1659Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I37070
7 ROYCE, Nathaniel  01 Apr 1639Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I47563
8 ROYCE, Ruth  07 Dec 1645Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I47569


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Abigail  11 Aug 1722Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I00073
2 BATES, Mary  30 Nov 1702Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I04279
3 BROWN, Samuel  04 Nov 1691Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I08427
4 COLVER, Joshua  23 Apr 1713Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I12689
5 COWLES, Joseph  30 Nov 1760Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I12511
6 CURTIS, Isaac  15 Jul 1712Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I14718
7 FANCHER, Rumsey Irving  6 Sep 1952Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I76413
8 FORD, Elizabeth  Between 09 Feb 1735 and 1736Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I22822
9 HILLS, Margery  28 Apr 1690Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I28765
10 HOUGH, Samuel  14 Mar 1718Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I29756
11 LATHROP, Elizabeth  Aft 1690Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I35061
12 LAWRENCE, Mary B.  22 Aug 1999Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I91331
13 LOTHROP, Elizabeth  Bef 1690Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I37067
14 LOTHROP, John  25 Aug 1688Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I37071
15 LOTHROP, Martha  21 Sep 1719Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I37076
16 LOTHROP, Sarah  11 Nov 1706Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I37079
17 MORGAN, Hannah  19 Jun 1677Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I71293
18 MORIE, Alice Jane  24 Jun 1992Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I95758
19 MOSS, John Jr.  31 Mar 1717Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I40642
20 NUTBROWN, Edward  1939Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I95752
21 ROYCE, Isaac  1682Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I47556
22 ROYCE, Nathaniel  08 Feb 1735/36Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I47563
23 ROYCE, Ruth  26 Aug 1688Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I47569
24 THOMPSON, Joseph  1711Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I56802
25 TUTTLE, Simon  16 Apr 1719Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I57901
26 WARD, William  19 Dec 1768Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I59206
27 WROTHOM, Susanna  05 Sep 1684Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I62922


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 LOTHROP, Elizabeth  Mar 1646/7Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut I37067