Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HAMMOND, Betsey  22 Nov 1794Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72807
2 HAMMOND, Charles  19 Feb 1799Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72809
3 HAMMOND, John  29 Oct 1792Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72806
4 HAMMOND, Louisa  2 Aug 1810Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72816
5 HAMMOND, Lucy  24 Dec 1766Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72792
6 HAMMOND, Lucy  22 Jan 1816Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72818
7 HAMMOND, Luke  21 Apr 1805Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72814
8 HAMMOND, Lydia  25 Dec 1796Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72808
9 HAMMOND, Nathan  10 Apr 1803Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72813
10 HAMMOND, Parley  4 Jul 1807Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72815
11 HAMMOND, Samuel  15 May 1801Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72812
12 HAMMOND, Timothy Whitney  26 Jan 1814Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72817


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 FISKE, Lucy  18 Jul 1823Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I22252
2 HAMMOND, Enoch  13 Mar 1818Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72793
3 HAMMOND, Enoch  29 Jul 1823Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I27103
4 HAMMOND, Louisa  16 Aug 1816Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72816
5 HAMMOND, Lucy  24 Apr 1817Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72818
6 HAMMOND, Lucy  1846Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72792
7 HAMMOND, Lydia  19 Nov 1863Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72808
8 WHITNEY, Simon  Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I72804