Rhode Island, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Idelle  Jun 1872Rhode Island, USA I64367
2 ARNOLD, Margaret Padelford  1810Rhode Island, USA I02616
3 ARNOLD, Mary Harris  Rhode Island, USA I02622
4 ARNOLD, Ruth  1809Rhode Island, USA I02629
5 BARKER, Mary A.  Abt 1865Rhode Island, USA I03811
6 CRUMBY, Charles E.  Jun 1870Rhode Island, USA I64360
7 CRUMBY, Harold E.  Oct 1898Rhode Island, USA I64372
8 CRUMBY, Mabel  Dec 1895Rhode Island, USA I64370
9 CRUMBY, Viola  Mar 1897Rhode Island, USA I64371
10 HIGGINS, Brian D.  Abt 1834Rhode Island, USA I28658
11 HIGGINS, Henry A.  Abt 1856Rhode Island, USA I28662
12 HINCKLEY, Jonathan  Rhode Island, USA I28867
13 LINDSAY, Edwin T.  Abt 1880Rhode Island, USA I36116
14 LINDSAY, Norma I.  Nov 1866Rhode Island, USA I36117
15 MURRAY, Sarah  Abt 1823Rhode Island, USA I40806
16 NYE, George  07 Jan 1717Rhode Island, USA I41698
17 PADELFORD, Amarintha  Abt 1828Rhode Island, USA I42406
18 PADELFORD, Charles Gordon   I42472
19 PADELFORD, Emily R.  Abt 1837Rhode Island, USA I42575
20 PADELFORD, Emma C.  20 Nov 1899Rhode Island, USA I42577
21 PADELFORD, Gladys E.   I42641
22 PADELFORD, Helen W.  May 1898Rhode Island, USA I64374
23 PADELFORD, Henry  Abt 1822Rhode Island, USA I42675
24 PADELFORD, Henry Cole  22 Nov 1876Rhode Island, USA I42679
25 PADELFORD, John E.  1831Rhode Island, USA I42731
26 PADELFORD, Maria Louisa  1835Rhode Island, USA I42812
27 PADELFORD, Nelson H.  05 Jul 1873Rhode Island, USA I42871
28 PADELFORD, Phoebe Glines  12 Nov 1880Rhode Island, USA I64359
29 PADELFORD, Samuel T.  30 Jul 1878Rhode Island, USA I42931
30 SIMMONS, Emma E.  1851Rhode Island, USA I49875
31 STANTON, Mariam  Abt 1776Rhode Island, USA I54644
32 WILLIAMS, Sarah  Rhode Island, USA I61876


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Martha  27 Jul 1725Rhode Island, USA I08338
2 CLEVELAND, Deliverance  Bef 03 Oct 1744Rhode Island, USA I11925
3 GREENE, Ann  1713Rhode Island, USA I26018
4 GREENE, Joan  Bef 1658Rhode Island, USA I26041
5 GREENE, Phillipa  1708Rhode Island, USA I26061
6 GREENE, Samuel  18 Sep 1720Rhode Island, USA I26068
7 O'BRIEN, Catherine  04 Jun 1922Rhode Island, USA I41707
8 PADELFORD, Adelade D.  02 Apr 1925Rhode Island, USA I42389
9 PADELFORD, Elizabeth Franklin  27 Jan 1898Rhode Island, USA I42564
10 PADELFORD, Emma C.  16 Oct 1904Rhode Island, USA I42577
11 PADELFORD, Eugenia  25 Sep 1862Rhode Island, USA I42588
12 PADELFORD, George H.  18 May 1915Rhode Island, USA I42632
13 PADELFORD, Mary Newell Heath  29 Aug 1867Rhode Island, USA I42840
14 PADELFORD, Nelson H.  25 May 1879Rhode Island, USA I42871
15 PADELFORD, Samuel T.  02 Sep 1878Rhode Island, USA I42931
16 PADELFORD, Sharlotte E.  12 Feb 1896Rhode Island, USA I42956


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CRUMBY, Arthur Earl  May 1894Rhode Island, USA I64369
2 CRUMBY, Percy Howard  Apr 1891Rhode Island, USA I64368


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 JONES, Phebe  27 Sep 1832Rhode Island, USA I32426
2 PADELFORD, Alice Washburn  15 Oct 1844Rhode Island, USA I42396


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GLINES / PADELFORD  01 Jan 1880Rhode Island, USA F05961
2 GREENE / DEXTER  13 Mar 1726Rhode Island, USA F22068
3 HOLDEN / GREENE  Abt 1727Rhode Island, USA F22069
4 PADELFORD / LINDSAY  29 Sep 1898Rhode Island, USA F07251
5 PADELFORD / SIMMONS  29 Jan 1873Rhode Island, USA F07250
6 PADELFORD / SMITH  11 Nov 1854Rhode Island, USA F05957
7 REMINGTON / PADELFORD  14 Apr 1864Rhode Island, USA F05959
8 RUSSELL / PADELFORD  24 Dec 1854Rhode Island, USA F05955
9 STEBBINS / WILLIAMS  Between 14 Mar 1691 and 1692Rhode Island, USA F12210
10 TORREY / GREENE  Abt 1669Rhode Island, USA F22041
11 WILLIAMS / PADELFORD  27 Mar 1867Rhode Island, USA F05958