Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois



Latitude: 41.8781136, Longitude: -87.6297982


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Harriett Love  May 1849Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I68631
2 ANDERSON, Jessie F.  abt. 1856Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I68635
3 CAMPBELL, Mary Ellen  21 May 1917Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I71353
4 DARROW, Margunti  29 May 1892Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I75563
5 HOOKER, Chester W  Oct 1865Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I64187
6 HOOKER, Clarence A.  Feb 1858Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I64188
7 HOOKER, Edward C.  Sep 1856Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I63362
8 HOOKER, Frederick C.  1862Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I64189
9 HOOKER, George Graves  02 Jul 1873Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I64194
10 HOOKER, Harry Stephen  1868Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I64193
11 HOOKER, Helen Nash  1862Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I64195
12 HOOKER, Rolla Norton  Sep 1864Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I64191
13 HUCKER, Harold Willis  12 Oct 1907Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I31026
14 IWAN, Ruth Marie  198 Oct 1918Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I96659
15 JANKOVICH, Michael  1 Mar 1911Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I86745
16 LEHMANN, George Arthur  23 Sep 1890Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I75061
17 LEHMANN, Robert Roovart  16 Mar 1919Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I75062
18 NILSON, Emil A.  30 Apr 1878Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I41383
19 PYLE, Katherine Bernice  8 Jul 1905Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I74261
20 PYLE, Leroy Samuel  14 Jul 1907Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I74260
21 PYLE, Lorraine  16 May 1911Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I74259
22 PYLE, Ralph August  14 Apr 1912Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I74262
23 ROOVAART, Frank H.  26 Jul 1864Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I75058
24 ROTMAN, Miriam Davida  28 Aug 1920Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I91987
25 RUDE, Pearl May  11 Jan 1917Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I95133
26 RUDE, Ruby Rosalie  2 Mar 1919Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I95134
27 SCHAUER, Patricia Ann   I79828
28 SLAUSON, Lawrence Taylor  22 Oct 1908Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I73859
29 TEMPLETON, Herbert  14 Dcc 1869Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I15613
30 WILBUR, Marion Louise  26 Jul 1901Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I71409
31 WILBUR, Murial  2 Jul 1905Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I71410


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARNOLD, Gaylord  4 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I72384
2 FANCHER, Martha  13 Feb 1880Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I21683
3 FERGUSON, Hannah R.  27 Mar 1908Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I71399
4 HARPER, Virgil E.  27 Aug 1947Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I71657
5 HOOKER, Alice Gertrude  08 Feb 1938Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois  I64186
6 HOOKER, Clarence A.  30 Nov 1867Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois  I64188
7 HOOKER, Frederick C.  21 Jun 1865Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois  I64189
8 HOOKER, Jerome Beardsley  11 Nov 1966Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois  I63368
9 HOOKER, Rolla Norton  01 Jan 1866Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois  I64191
10 HOOKER, Stephen Gardner  01 Jan 1901Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois  I64196
11 INGERSOLL, Lavina Matilda  Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I71566
12 INGERSOLL, Mary Emily  Jun 1883Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I71571
13 JORDAN, Madison Squire  5 Dec 1943Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois  I85551
14 MILLER, Susan  19 Apr 1918Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I72380
15 PALMER, Nellie Louise  23 Jul 1941Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I71407
16 RYDER, Hannah Adams  8 Jul 1919Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois  I47785
17 STETZER, Albert August  25 Jun 1944Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I69229


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BERRY, Fred W.  Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I93252


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 AGAZZI, Savilla  9 Jun 1931Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I01507


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ball / LITTLE  6 Jan 1942Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F29238
2 Calhoun / Ingersoll  14 Sep 1851Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F28968
3 Campbell / Hey  2 Sep 1916Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F28879
4 Campbell / McLaughlin  2 Jan 1936Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F28878
5 Crackel / Towner  28 Aug 1916Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F28199
6 Dern / Pilger  22 Jun 1925Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F30358
7 Haas / LITTLE  1925Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F29237
8 HUCKER / Bickel  27 Jan 1916Chicago, Cook co., Illinois F01719
9 Ingersoll / Prescott  10 Feb 1870Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F28966
10 McDonald / VOSBURGH  12 Apr 1888Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F29701
11 NORTHROP / Wynne  19 Aug 1914Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F29220
12 Reckard / Nugent  29 Dec 1898Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F30339
13 Rogers / Giddings  19 Oct 1909Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F30326
14 Templeton / PADELFORD  30 Jan 1892Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F40034