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9551 Worth County, Iowa Biographies. Source (S03664)
9552 Would have been heir, but for the forfeiture of his father's honours in 1461, 4th Lord Hungerford and 2nd Lord Moleyns.

Having taken part with the Lancastrins, Sir Thomas Hungerford was attainted and put to death near Salisbury as a traitor in 1469. 
HUNGERFORD, Sir Thomas Knt. (I89714)
9553 WP Jones Obituary, Source Medium: Newspaper
-see hard copy in Rivers' family sheets
Source (S03665)
9554 Wright, Eugene (Name: 3945 Bradford St; #128, La Verne, CA 91750;), Source Medium: (null)
Source Medium: Letter
Source (S03666)
9555 Wright, Robert Daniel, Source Medium: (null)
Source Medium: Electronic
Source (S03667)
9556 WUELLNER, Wilhelm H. - Professor of New Testament Studies at Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA, for 28 years was also a dedicated researcher into the causes and treatment of prostate cancer for 18 years. Born in Bochum, Germany, February 21, 1927, son of Wilhelm and Emma Wullner, he took his theological degree at Marburg University, Germany, before immigrating to the USA in 1954. He earned his Ph.D. in Hermeneutical Studies of the New Testament at Chicago Divinity School in 1958 and was ordained into the Lutheran ministry the same year. There followed 35 years as Professor of New Testament at Grinnell College, IA, Hartford Seminary Foundation in Hartford, CT, and finally at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA until his retirement in 1993. He was author and co-author of two books and numerous articles in Biblical and Rhetorical journals and active in international academic and theological conferences with lecture and teaching tours in England, Germany, Rome, Japan and South Africa. He was also an active and dedicated member of the Anthroposophical Society in America. Wuellner, all his life, was keenly interested in medical studies, and when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1986 he took a deep and active part in the choices of his treatment, both in standard and alternative medicine with extensive research. He often served as counselor to other men around the USA diagnosed with prostate cancer. He regarded his disease as a great spiritual and medical challenge and adventure. When he died at home in Fair Oaks, CA, February 14, 2004, surrounded by his family he did not interpret his work as a losing battle with cancer but rather as pushing back the frontiers of healing. He is survived by his wife of 50 years, the Rev. Flora Slosson Wuellner, daughters Christine Sideris, the Rev. Virginia Ward, Lucy Wuellner-Fernandez, seven grandchildren and his sister Ingeborg Wolter and niece Dorothee of Bochum, Germany. There will be a memorial service at the American Lutheran Church of the Cross on Saturday February 21, 2004 at 1pm, 4465 H Street, Sacramento, CA. The family requests that any donations be made to the Hospice Program of the donor's local hospital. WUELLNER, Wilhelm H. (I62927)
9557 by John L. DeLand, Source Medium: Book
Source (S03669)
9558, Source Medium: Book
Source (S03668)
9559 Yates Publishing, U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 (Provo, UT, USA, Operations Inc, 2004). Source (S04348)
9560 Zachariah received from his father the old homestead; here he passed all the days of his life. This was the same land that the first Samuel had received as his share in "The 26 Men's Purchase" and it had come down through Obadiah and Samuel to Zachariah, for Samuel ten years before his death gave this land to Zachariah "in consideration of the love and good affection I have and do bare unto my son, Zachariah, " the right of use and occupation being reserved to the parents during their natural life. he and his wife were staunch members of the church. Zachariah eddy was among those who on Feb. 17, 1745 agreed to build a new meeting house. It is written of him that he was a well-informed man for his day. His general character was that of a mild, sedate and discreet man. he served the town n many ways. He was an ardent Whig, and several stories of his tilts with Judge Oliver, a staunch Tory, have been handed down in his family. He died of the small-pox in 1777. EDDY, Zachariah (I77044)
9561 Zachariah Sawtell was born 26 July 1643 at Watertown, according to the record. The year, however, conflicts with the birthdate of his sister Hannah, and perhaps it was 1644 or 1645. Zachariah grew up in Watertown but in his adolescence went with his parents to Groton. He later had a ten-acre proprietor's right there. In April of 1668 he married ELIZABETH HARRIS (Malden, Mass., Vital Records; The Register, 10:239), daughter of John Harris of Boston (Middlesex Co., Deeds, 27:354) Wyman (op. cit.) and Bailey (op. cit.) both give the date of marriage as 13 Apr 1669; in addition, Wyman says she died 1677-8 of small pox. Zachariah married, secondly, ANNA PARKER, daughter of Joseph and Margaret Parker of Chelmsford, Mass. The marriage occurred before 13 July 1684, when Joseph Parker deeded land to Anna, wife of Zachariah Sawtell (Middlesex Co., Deeds, 26:459, 27:325). She was born 16 Nov 1663 at Chelmsford (Vital records) and was thus about 18 years younger than her husband.

Zachariah Sawtell served in King Philip's War in 1675/6 when Groton was burned (Bodge, op.cit., p. 272). He returned after the peace and on 21 May 1688 was chosen one of five highway surveyors for Groton (Green, op.cit., p. 97), his last mention in town records. he died by 17 march 1691/2, when Anna was referred to as the widow Sawtell (The Register, 43:375), and his father's will of 1692 implies that he was dead. His estate, however, was not administered until 1701 when Josiah Parker of Cambridge and Thomas Walker of Charlestown were named administrators, the decedent being referred to as "late of Groton, blacksmith." Again, on 21 Nov 1716, Zachariah Sawtell Jr. and same Josiah Parker were named administrators (Middlesex County Probates, No.19967, 19975). Submitted on 13 Sep. 1716 was an inventory of three parcels of land, with total value of 25 pounds, 10 shillings. Anna was undoubtedly the "Widow Satle" who joined the Cambridge Church on 26 July 1702. On 26 April 1709, Anna Satle received from Josiah Parker land formerly belonging to John Sawtell, which his brothers and sisters had quitclaimed to parker on 21 oct. 1700 (Middlesex County Deeds, 15:575, 6). Anna Sawtell, widow, sold this property to John Knight on 4 June 1711, and by 1727 she was residing in Fairfield, Conn., with her daughter Margaret Wooster (Middlesex County Deeds, 27:715, 26:527). 
SAWTELL, Zachariah (I48287)
9562 Zachariah was bound out at the age of seven years to Mr. John Browne of Rehoboth. this Mr. John Browne was a man of importance in Plymouth, being the Governor's Assistant from 1636-1655. He was one of the original settlers and proprietors of Taunton and also of Rehoboth. A large tract of land called Wannamoisett was granted to him for his services to the government of Plymouth (Hist. of Taunton, p. 32.) Mr. John Browne died in 1662, but in a deed dated Dec. 29, 1661, he left to "Zacariah Eedey now resident in my family" 1/3 of 150 acres in Narragansett betwixt Quidniset and trading house of Richard Smith (Plymouth Col. Deeds, p. 103.)

On Jan. 4, 1661 "Zachariah bought of Thomas Savery a piece of land lying near Whetstones Vineyard in Major's Purchase bounded on or near where Eddy lives" (Plymouth Co. deeds 3, 81.)

On March 24, 1662 he received from his father Samuel, land near "Namamkeet" (Plymouth Col. Records, p. 116)....

From these records it appears that upon completing his apprenticeship Zachariah went to Middleboro and settled there, remaining for about eight years. His house stood on the twelve acres, granted him by the court, near what was later known as Eddy's furnace, just south of the present Eddyville. In 1666 his bounds were laid out by Ephraim Tinkham and Henry Wood (Court Orders, 4, p. 128)......

Soon after the incorporation of Swansea, Zachariah Eddy was made Freeman of Swansea on May 29, 1670. the following year on May 11th, he was chosen waywarden and on June 5th, he was elected surveyor of highways. In 1675 when King Philip's War broke out it is likely that Zachariah and his family took refuge in Plymouth for a few years. While there on June 5, 1677 he was summoned by the court of Plymouth to serve on the Grand Inquest. Some time in June of this same year, 1677, those who had formerly lived in Middleboro previous to the outbreak of the war, together with some who owned property within the borders of Middleboro,sixty-eight persons in all, met and agreed to resettle the town. The list of the names of "The Proprietors of the liberties of the township of Middleberry taken at Plimouth" contains the iten,--"Sachariah Edey, Samuell Edey, 1 porpriation." When Samuel Eddy became a proprietor of the town of Middleboro, he thereby obtained the privilege of being a participant in all futher divisions of the undivided lands belonging to the township. This right was passed on to the sons when they received from him the lands at Namassakett. When the land was sold by them the proprietor's rights went with the land......

After King Philip's War, when all danger from hostile Indians was over, probably about the spring of 1678, Zachariah and his family returned to Swansea. He was established there on Oct. 21, 1679, when he purchased a piece of land from Thomas Barnes, and by this purchase obtained rights as a "second ranch man"; that is in any division of lands he would receive twice as much as a man of the "third ranch" ( or third rank as it is more often written). The third rank man received one unit of a division, a second rank man, two units, and a first rank man, three units.....

Having thus disposed of most of his possessions to his sons during his lifetime, Zachariah had but little to leave to his children as an inheritance. His will, dated Nov. 4, 1718, mentions his wife Abigail and all of his sons, to whom he states that he has given to them the land which he considers their share. It mentions also his daughter Elizabeth Whipple, who is deceased and his son-in-law, Samuel Whipple; his grandson ?ward Eddy; and his wife's son, Timothy Smith. To his son Joshua he left his great Bible (Bristol Co. Prob., 3.488). His wife Abigail left a will, dated Jan 2, 1720, which mentions daughters, Abigail hatch, Bethia Eddy, hannah Simmons; son-in-law, Remembrance Simmons; daughter Hopestill Kelley; and granddaughters, Ann, Abigail, and Amy, daughters of Caleb Eddy, whom she called her son-in-law (Bristol Co. Prob., 3, 693). 
EDDY, Zachariah (I74291)
9563 Zacheus first settled at Adams, New York. Evert's history of Jeffsrson County, New York, page 242, mentions Zacheus Walworth as having taken up land Dec. 1, 1799. The actual deeds, however, were not given to any settler until 1802. His name also appears twice in the County Clerk's Office of Jefferson Co. (book of 1820, page 14) for sale of land in Rodman, New York.

The book "Council of Appointments - Military records" year 1784-1821, Vol. 1,p page 573 states Zacheus was an Ensign in 1802.

Zacheus was a lawyer and practiced in Adams and Watertown, New York. He was well known as a shrewd business man and had an infinite fund of humor. He always strived to keep people out of court and to settle their troubles among themselves. He is said to have been the first to bring a cooking stove into town.

Zacheus died while attending Court at Watertown, New York, and is buried in the cemetery near the old farm in the Town of Rodman. 
WALWORTH, Zacheus (I59129)
9564 Zephaniah was unmarried. SLAUSON, Zephaniah B. (I50838)
9565 Zola Faye Brannan, 75, died Saturday, June 22, 2002.
Memorial services will be at 2 p.m. today in McNett Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. H.A. Hanks officiating.
Mrs. Brannan was born July 20, 1926, in Pueblo, Colo. She married W D Brannan on July 3, 1945, in Stratford.
She was preceded in death by one daughter, Deborah Lea McKee
Survivors include her husband; two sons, John Brannan of Stratford and Matthew Brannan of Andrews; five grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren.
Amarillo Globe-News, June 25, 2002

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Created by: Bob Fleming 
HODGES, Zola Faye (I86547)
9566 Zurishaddai Doty emigrated about 1752 to Hardwick and at the close of the war, to Wilmington. He was a blacksmith by trade and during the war was employed by the government as blacksmith in the army. He served in the Revolution in the same company in which his brother=in-law, Dr. Challis Safford, was surgeon. He was a witness to the will of James Alexander of Perth, now Salem, Washington Co., New York, July 16, 1783, and probably lived there at the time, as his brother Theodorus was then residing there. DOTY, Zurishaddai (I19594)
9567 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 1D63-T92 
GIFFARD, John (I24840)
9568 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 1D63-TB8 
GIFFARD, Elizabeth (I24828)
9569 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 1D65-2GD 
COLES, Humphrey (I12563)
9570 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 1SJ8-WRT[gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 3G3N-Z4 
CROWELL, Moses (I14590)
9571 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 1ZSG-FHR 
GIFFORD, Robert (I24946)
9572 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 1ZSG-FJ0 
GIFFORD, Lethero (I24929)
9573 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 1ZVG-0GJ 
CROW, Adam (I14539)
9574 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 1ZVG-0HQ 
?, Susan (I01247)
9575 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 314P-NW 
CROWELL, John (I14584)
9576 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 3G3N-65[gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 1R5C-RNQ 
CROWELL, John (I14583)
9577 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 3G3N-7B 
MILLER, Elishua (I39681)
9578 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 3G3N-XX[gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: Z560-8B 
CROWELL, Yelverton (I14599)
9579 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 4TW9-L0 
GIFFORD, Mary (I24932)
9580 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 4TW9-RT 
GIFFORD, Christopher (I24887)
9581 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 8HR0-0N[gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: Q5X9-2K 
CROWELL, Edward (I14575)
9582 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 8M52-W1 
HAMMOND, Elizabeth (I27098)
9583 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 8M53-2T 
CROWELL, twin Elizabeth (I14578)
9584 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 8MKD-L3 
GIFFORD, Elizabeth (I24893)
9585 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 8MKF-50 
GIFFORD, Samuel (I24955)
9586 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 8MKF-65 
GIFFORD, John (I24914)
9587 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 8MKF-7B 
GIFFORD, Mercy (I24938)
9588 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 8MKF-8H 
GIFFORD, Grace (I24904)
9589 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 8MKF-9N 
GIFFORD, William (I24968)
9590 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 8MKF-BT[gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 3DX1-VF 
GIFFORD, Jefferson (I24911)
9591 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 8MKF-C1 
GIFFORD, Josiah (I24924)
9592 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 8MKF-D6 
GIFFORD, John (I24915)
9593 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 8MKF-HP 
GIFFORD, Hannah (I24905)
9594 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 8MM9-1X 
MILLS, Mary (I39818)
9595 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 8P1Q-VB 
CROWELL, Mary (I14587)
9596 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 9F2K-6R 
GIFFORD, Stephen (I24961)
9597 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 9HMD-T8 
GIFFARD, Anthonie (I24822)
9598 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 9HMQ-ML 
WIKES, Dorothy (I61287)
9599 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 9HMQ-NR 
GIFFARD, Ebbett (I24825)
9600 [gifford.ged]

Ancestral File Number: 9HMQ-PX 
GIFFARD, Elizabeth (I24830)

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