Male 1611 - 1680  (69 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Henry WOLCOTT was born 21 Jan 1610/11 (son of Henry WOLCOTT and Elizabeth SAUNDERS); died 12 Jul 1680.


    He came to America with his parents and was a member of the Dorchester Church when he was made Freeman at Boston, April 1, 1634; removed to Windsor, 1636. His name appears on the records of the Conn. Colony as early as 1638, when Henry Wolcott the younger, was "chosen to receive for Windsor the Indian con brought in", and to "keepe one exact account of what every man hath," etc. (Col Rec. of Conn., 1, p. 18). In1654, he went to England on business and again in 1671; was an importing merchant; much engaged in public life; is mentioned in the Royal Charter of Connecticut as one of the nineteen prominent men of the colony. He became a member of the House of Deputies at October session, 1660 and served at the March, May, June and August sessions of 1661. At the may session of 1662, he was a member of the House of Magistrates, to which he was annually re-elected till his death. Was of the Council of Military Affairs during King Philip's War. he wrote shorthand and preserved many items of Windsor History. It was he who took notes of a lecture delivered by Rev. Thomas Hooke, May 31, 1638, before the General Court, in which was outlined the Constitution of Connecticut, the first written constitution known to history, and the one which more than any other, formed the basis for the Constitution of the United States. His notebook is now in the possession of the conn. Hist. Society. He gave much attention to fruit culture, was prominent in church matters and left a large estate here and in England. His Wethersfield land went to his sons, Samuel of Wethersfield and Josiah of Windsor.

    Henry married Sarah NEWBERRY 18 Nov 1641. Sarah (daughter of Thomas NEWBERRY and Joane DABINOTT) was born Abt 1622; died 16 Jul 1684. [Group Sheet]

    1. Capt Samuel WOLCOTT was born 16 Apr 1656; died 14 Jun 1695.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Henry WOLCOTT was christened 6 Dec 1578; died 30 May 1655.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Son of John Wolcott of Tolland near Taunton, Somersetshire, England


    By the decease of his elder brother, Christopher, in 1639, he inherited the family estate including the manor house Galdon Hall, but this occurred after his removal to America. The earlier part of his life was spent in the ordinary pursuits of a country gentleman, but becoming converted to Puritanism, he, like hundreds of others, sought refuge in America. Although past 52 years of age at the time and with a family of young children, he joined the part of Maverick and Warham, which emigrated in 1630. it is said he had visited New England two years earlier and returned for his family. He took with him his wife and three sons, leaving behind two daughters and the youngest son, aged 5. On October 19th of this same year, his name appears in a list of those desiring to be made Freemen of Boston and he was sworn May 14, 1634. May 14, 1634, the General Court of Massachusetts granted him and two others liberty "to looke out fiermes for themselves," etc. He first settled at Dorchester, but in 1636 left that place with Warham's party to found Windsor. In February, 1637-8 he was appointed collector of the Rates for Windsor and April 11, 1639, he was one of the so-called Committee of the General Court. At the court of Election held april 13, 1643, he became a magistrate or Assistant, to which office he was annually chosen until his death. After the pastor, he was the most important citizen of Windsor. he is one of the twelve whom Trumbull calls the civil and religious Fathers of Connecticut. It has been said that he inherited a considerable estate in England, but these accounts have doubtless been exaggerated. At his death, his property was inventoried at L764-8-10. In the ancient "Family Chronologie," it is recorded of him and his wife, "these both dyed in hops and Ly buried under one tomb in Windsor." (N.E. reg., 9 p. 338; Ibid., 5, pp. 463-4; Stiles' Ancient Windsor, 2, p. 799; N.E. Reg., I, p. 251; Address by the Rev. Peter Clark Wolcott, Aug. 1911, before the Society of the Descendants of Henry Wolcott.)

    Henry married Elizabeth SAUNDERS 19 Jan 1606. Elizabeth was christened 20 Dec 1584; died 7 Jul 1655. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Elizabeth SAUNDERS was christened 20 Dec 1584; died 7 Jul 1655.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Dau. of Thomas Saunders of Lydiard, St. Lawrence Somersetshire, England

    1. John WOLCOTT was christened 1 Oct 1607; died Bef May 1655.
    2. 1. Henry WOLCOTT was born 21 Jan 1610/11; died 12 Jul 1680.
    3. George WOLCOTT was born , England; died 12 Feb 1663.
    4. Christopher WOLCOTT died 7 Sep 1662, Windsor, Connecticut.
    5. Mary WOLCOTT died 16 Sep 1689, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.
    6. Anna WOLCOTT was born Abt 1619; died Jan 1700.
    7. Simon WOLCOTT was born 1625; died 11 Sep 1687, Windsor, Connecticut.