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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  John HULL was born 14 Mar 1662, Connecticut (son of John HULL and Mary BEACH).

    John married Mary MERWIN 1690. Mary (daughter of Miles MERWIN and Sarah PLATT) was born 23 Jan 1665/66, Milford, Connecticut. [Group Sheet]

    John — Hannah PRINDLE. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  John HULL was christened 24 May 1640, New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut (son of Richard HULL and Unknown); died 6 Dec 1711.

    John — Mary BEACH. Mary (daughter of Richard BEACH and Unknown) was born Jun 1642, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Mary BEACH was born Jun 1642, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA (daughter of Richard BEACH and Unknown).


    According to the "History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield": John Hull was first married to Mary. It states that is quite prob. is the daughter of Richard Beach of New Have and the sister of Benjamin Beach of Stratford. For this reason I have created this family.

    1. 1. John HULL was born 14 Mar 1662, Connecticut.
    2. Benjamin HULL was born 10 Apr 1672, Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA; died 8 Mar 1741, Wallingford, New Haven County, Connecticut.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Richard HULL was born 3 Dec 1599; died 21 Aug 1662.


    "The Hull Family in America":

    Richard Hull, December 3, 1599-aug 21, 1662, colonist, free planter and progenitor of a prominent New Haven branch of the Hull Clan in America, was a native of Derbyshire, England. The exact date of his arrival in New England has not been ascertained. He was made a freeman of Massachusetts Bay Colony at Dorchester in 1634, and a few months later was at Roxbury. In 1636 he sold his dwelling house at Roxbury to one Philip Sherman and removed to Boston. In 1639 he was at New Haven and there ended his wanderings, becoming one of that settlement's recognized founders and permanent citizens. The ancient records show that on joining the New Haven Company he promptly signed the "Fundamental Agreement," was received into the church and became thereby a full fledged member of the select body which constituted the initial General Court, and was soon busied in making history. on the 29th of October 1639, this General Court formally organized the government of the "New Haven Plantation," by electing from their number a Chief Magistrate, four Assistant Magistrates, a marshall, a Notary, and several other officers. At the same time an act was passed providing "That church members only shall be free burgesses, and they only shall choose among themselves magistrates and officers to have the power of transacting all public civil affairs of this plantation, and making and repealing laws": also, "that there shall be a renewing or change of all officers every year at a General Court, to be held for this Plantation the last week in October." It is a matter of record that at this early date the residence of Richard Hull was on Chapel Street, that he was assigned a prominent sitting in the new church and that his family consisted of four persons. The reports of a session of the General Court held in 1649, show that on one occasion that year, when Richard Hull was serving as "Master of the Watch," two sentries who had disobeyed his orders and grossly neglected duty, " were ordered whipped." At another session of the court held the same year, a record is made showing that "Richard Hull, because his son Jeremiah wanted a worm and a scourer," (at an inspection of the train band), "was fined twelve cents." An inventory of the personal estate of Richard Hull was presented Jan. 6, 1662, showing that he had died possessed of goods and chattels valued at One Hundred Pounds, eighteen shilling and four pence.....

    Richard — Unknown. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Unknown
    1. 2. John HULL was christened 24 May 1640, New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut; died 6 Dec 1711.

  3. 6.  Richard BEACH

    Richard — Unknown. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Unknown
    1. 3. Mary BEACH was born Jun 1642, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
    2. Benjamin BEACH was born Oct 1644, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA; died 09 Apr 1713, Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.