Female Abt 1686 - 1749  (~ 63 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Sarah NEWTON was born Abt 1686; was christened 26 Sep 1686 (daughter of Capt Samuel NEWTON and Martha FENN); died 14 Feb 1748/49.

    Sarah — Jonathan INGERSOLL. Jonathan (son of John INGERSOLL and Mary HUNT) was born 10 May 1681, Westfield, Hampden Co., Massachusetts; died 28 Nov 1760, Milford, New Haven Co., Connecticut. [Group Sheet]

    1. Jonathan INGERSOLL was born Abt 1713; died 2 Oct 1778.
    2. Sarah INGERSOLL was born 16 Jun 1716; died , young.
    3. Mary INGERSOLL was born 14 Dec 1718; died , young.
    4. David INGERSOLL was born 4 Sep 1720; died 14 Feb 1742/3.
    5. Jared INGERSOLL was born 03 Jun 1722, Milford, New Haven Co., Connecticut; died 25 Aug 1781, New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut.
    6. Sarah INGERSOLL was born 22 Oct 1726; died 4 Jul 1769.

    Sarah — Daniel MILES. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Capt Samuel NEWTON was born 20 Oct 1646, Hartford, Connecticut; was christened 20 Oct 1646 (son of Rev Roger NEWTON and Mary HOOKER); died 1708.


    He was very active in town affairs and also of great prominence in the affairs of the entire colony; represented Milford at sixteen regular sessions in the General Court and at four special sessions; he was a famous fighter in the Milford Militia in all the Indian Wars of his time, having the rank of Captain.

    Samuel married Martha FENN 14 Mar 1668/9. Martha (daughter of Benjamin FENN and Sarah BALDWIN) was born 1650; was christened 7 Jul 1650. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Martha FENN was born 1650; was christened 7 Jul 1650 (daughter of Benjamin FENN and Sarah BALDWIN).
    1. Susanna NEWTON was born 15 Jul 1671.
    2. Thomas NEWTON was born 21 Apr ?; died , young.
    3. Samuel NEWTON was born 26 Jun 1677; died 26 Dec 1728.
    4. Thomas NEWTON was born May 1679; died 8 Jun 1753.
    5. Mary NEWTON was born 19 Aug 1681.
    6. Roger NEWTON was born 1685.
    7. 1. Sarah NEWTON was born Abt 1686; was christened 26 Sep 1686; died 14 Feb 1748/49.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Rev Roger NEWTON died 7 Jun 1683, Milford, Connecticut.


    Rev. Roger Newton, who was a student of theology with her father, son of Samuel Newton. He was the first minister at Farmington, Conn., where he was installed on the day that the church was formed, Oct., 1652, he having preached there some time before. He remained there five years when he was dismissed and prepared to return to England. It was always been supposed that he did go to England and after remaining some time he returned to new England and settled in Milford, Conn. Later researches however, have led the searchers to believe that after he had prepared to go the ship left without him, and that he remained in New England until he was called to Milford. He was installed at Millford, Conn., Aug. 22, 1660, and remained over the church until his death.

    Roger married Mary HOOKER 1644. Mary (daughter of Rev Thomas HOOKER and Unknown ?) died 4 Feb 1675, Milford, Connecticut. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Mary HOOKER (daughter of Rev Thomas HOOKER and Unknown ?); died 4 Feb 1675, Milford, Connecticut.
    1. 2. Capt Samuel NEWTON was born 20 Oct 1646, Hartford, Connecticut; was christened 20 Oct 1646; died 1708.
    2. Roger NEWTON was born 1648, Hartford, Connecticut.
    3. Susanna NEWTON was born 20 Sep 1654, Farmington, Connecticut; died 20 Jul 1703, Milford, Connecticut.
    4. John NEWTON was born Jun 1656, Farmington, Connecticut; died Bef May 1699.
    5. Ezekiel NEWTON was born 19 Dec 1659, Hartford, Connecticut; died 4 May 1734.
    6. Sarah NEWTON was born 24 Jan 1662, Milford, New Haven Co., Connecticut; died 1725.
    7. Mary NEWTON was born , Milford, New Haven Co., Connecticut.
    8. Alice NEWTON was born 18 Sep 1664, Milford, New Haven Co., Connecticut.

  3. 6.  Benjamin FENN was born 1612, England; died 1672.


    Will dated Sep 14 1672, Inventory Nov. 13 1672, he died between those dates.

    He came from the Parish of Cheddington, Buckinghamshire, England, arriving probably in 1630 (Savage surmises in the "Mary and John"); was a proprietor at Dorchester, Mass., 1638; removed to Milford, Conn., was one of the original settlers there in 1639, but soon went to New Haven, thence returning to Milford. He became one of the most important men of the colony. He was Deputy from Milford to the General Assembly of the New Haven colony, 1653 and 1654; Magistrate for Milford, 9 years from 1654 to 2663; Assistant, 1665-1672; Commissioner of United Colonies of New England for the New Haven Colony with Gov. Leete, in 1661/2 and 3.

    he left a large property both in this country and England, valued at 600 pounds rents. (Savage) The English estate was left to his son Samuel. This consisted of lands within the parishes of Cheddington, Marsworth, Irvinghoe and Wing in Buckinghamshire, which fell to him by the will of Agnes Sears of that Parish and Shire. He also left Samuel his lands and residence in Milford. To James, he left his house and lands in New Haven, and the land which had been given to him by the Legislature. Hinman is probably wrong in saying that he was dismissed from the church at Milford to Boston Church, February, 1669, for in the records of New Haven Colony, he is uniformly spiken of as from Milford, and in his will, he is also called of Milford.

    Benjamin married Sarah BALDWIN 1638. Sarah (daughter of Sylvester BALDWIN and Sarah BRYAN) was born 22 Apr 1621, England; died 29 Apr 1663. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Sarah BALDWIN was born 22 Apr 1621, England (daughter of Sylvester BALDWIN and Sarah BRYAN); died 29 Apr 1663.
    1. Benjamin FENN was christened 20 Sep 1640; died 1689.
    2. Joseph FENN was born 20 Nov 1642; died 1671.
    3. Sarah FENN was born Apr 1645.
    4. Mary FENN was christened 1647; died 20 Jun 1701, Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut.
    5. 3. Martha FENN was born 1650; was christened 7 Jul 1650.

Generation: 4

  1. 10.  Rev Thomas HOOKER was born Abt 1586, England (son of Thomas HOOKER and Susannah PYM); died 7 Jul 1647, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut; was buried , Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut.


    Rev. Thomas Hooker, son of Thomas Hooker, born in England, about 1586, he entered Emanuel College, Cambridge in 1604. he received the degree of B.A. in 1608, the degree of M.A. in 1611, and entering upon a divinity course, he was elected a Fellow of the College. He left the College before completing the first course and receiving the degree of B.D. There are many reasons for supposing that he went from the college direct to Chelmsford and remained there until being silenced, arrested and placed under bonds to appear before the Ecclesiastical Court; he fled to Holland. Came to new England on ship "Griffin" 1633.

    The name of his first wife is unknown and nothing of the parentage of his second wife, whose name was Susanna.

    His second wife survived him, and though nothing is positively known about her, there are many reasons for believing that in later years she became the wife of Elder William Goodwin and died at Farmington, Conn.

    Thomas — Unknown ?. [Group Sheet]

  2. 11.  Unknown ?
    1. Joanna HOOKER was born 1615/16; died 28 Apr 1646, Newtowne, Connecticut.
    2. 5. Mary HOOKER died 4 Feb 1675, Milford, Connecticut.

  3. 14.  Sylvester BALDWIN was born , England; died Jun 1638, on the ship "Martin" during the voyage.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Son of Sylvester Baldwin and Jane Wells or Willis
    • Death: 21 Jul 1638, on the ship "Martin"


    He was well off and left a liberal provision for his wife and children, all of whom were with him except Richard, "on the maine ocean, bound for new England." He devised by his muncupative will, certain estates in England to his wife, Sarah. One of these estates she subsequently conveyed by deed to Edward Baldwin of Guilford, co. Surrey, England, describing it as having been "indentured" to Richard Baldwin of St. Leonard's in the parish of Aston Clinton, for 1000 years, and by the said Richard bequeathed to Sylvester and by him to her. The latest date at which he appears in England is November 29, 1636, when he proved his uncle Richard's will, and he was then described as of Aston Clinton. That appears to have been his only residence, as his children were baptized and those who died, buried there. He received a substantial estate from his uncle Richard, whose will is printed in full in the New England Rec., 38, p. 167. Savage makes him son of this uncle and the father of John Baldwin of Milford, 1639. "Among the first settlers at Milford, Connecticut were Timothy, Joseph, John and Richard Baldwin, all of whom were at that time or soon after, heads of families. According to the Milford records, nathaniel and Timothy were brothers, and it is known that Richard had only one brother, John, who at the time of settlement was about six years of age. Richard and the younger John, were sons of Sylvester Baldwin, who died on the ocean in 1638, and were born in the parish of Aston Clinton, in the county Bucks, England. As the Milford settlers came over with the New Haven Company, it is a reasonable supposition that the Baldwins among them were nearly connected and were from London and its vicinity; the counties of Buck and Surrey."

    Sylvester married Sarah BRYAN early in 1620, England. Sarah was born , England; died Nov 1699, Milford, Connecticut. [Group Sheet]

  4. 15.  Sarah BRYAN was born , England; died Nov 1699, Milford, Connecticut.
    1. 7. Sarah BALDWIN was born 22 Apr 1621, England; died 29 Apr 1663.
    2. Richard BALDWIN was born 22 Aug 1622, Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England; died 23 Jul 1665, Milford, New Haven Co., Connecticut.
    3. Mary BALDWIN was born 28 Feb 1623/4, England; died 1624, young.
    4. Mary BALDWIN was born 19 Feb 1625/6, England; died 01 Feb 1707/08.
    5. Martha BALDWIN was born 20 Apr 1628, England; died Bef Nov 1669.
    6. Ruth BALDWIN was born 1630, England; died , young.
    7. Samuel BALDWIN was born Jan 1632, England; died 1632, young.
    8. Elizabeth BALDWIN was born 28 Jan 1633/4, England; died , young.
    9. John BALDWIN was born 1635, Wendover, England; was christened 1635; died 19 Aug 1683, Stonington, New London, Connecticut, USA.