Male 1660 - 1731  (70 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Samuel WADSWORTH was born 13 Jan 1659/60 (son of John WADSWORTH and Sarah STANLEY); died 1731.

    Samuel married Hannah JUDSON 12 Jun 1689. Hannah (daughter of Joseph JUDSON and Sarah PORTER) was born 31 Dec 1657, Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  John WADSWORTH was born Abt 1630, England (son of William WADSWORTH and Sarah TALCOTT); died 1689.


    Will dated Sept 9, 1689; inventory of estate taken Nov 6, 1689; died between these dates.

    He was representative to the General Assembly from May, 1672, to October, 1678, inclusive, excepting the May session of 1677 and was Assistant from May, 179 to May, 1689, inclusive. In October, 1678, was chosen with Wm. Pitkin as Commissioner of the United Colonies, He was distinguished in the militia and was with the Governor; was one of the standing council for military affairs during King Philip's War. He was one of the most prosperous and influential citizens of Farmington. In 1669, of the eighty-four taxable estates, his was third with a valuation of 183 pounds. He was present at the session when the Charter was abstracted. In May, 1678, he was appointed Commissioner for Farmington by the General Court. In 1683, he acted with John, son of Mathew Allyn, in presenting the claims of Connecticut to the jurisdiction of the Narragansett Lands, to "His Majesty's commissioners in Narragansett." Col. rec. of Conn, 3, pp. 324-5.

    Samuel, William, Nathaniel, John and James, were Representatives and James was also Assistant to the Governor, or member of the upper house and Speaker. the Conn. Gen. says that Nathaniel and James were twins, born in 1677. this is a mistake--see inventory of the estate of John Wadsworth; taken Nov. 6, 1689, where the names and ages of his children at the time are given: Nathaniel, 15 and James 12. The ages of the others as there given were: Samuel 29; Sarah, 31; John 27; William, 18; Thomas 9, and Hezekiah, 6.

    John married Sarah STANLEY Abt 1656. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Sarah STANLEY (daughter of Thomas STANLEY and Benedicta TRITTON).
    1. Sarah WADSWORTH was born 1 Nov 1657; was christened 1 Nov 1657; died 20 Mar 1740.
    2. 1. Samuel WADSWORTH was born 13 Jan 1659/60; died 1731.
    3. Deacon John WADSWORTH was born 14 Apr 1662; died Aug 1718.
    4. Mary WADSWORTH was born 13 Nov 1665; died , young.
    5. William WADSWORTH was born 1671; died 1751.
    6. Nathaniel WADSWORTH was born 1674; died late 1761 or Jan 1762.
    7. James WADSWORTH was born 1677; died 10 Jan 1756.
    8. Thomas WADSWORTH was born 1680; died 21 Feb 1771.
    9. Hezekiah WADSWORTH was christened 24 Dec 1682; died 1740.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  William WADSWORTH was christened 26 Feb 1594/5, Long Buckley in Northamptonshire, England; died Between 16 May 1675 and 9 Jul 1675.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Son of William and Elizabeth Wadsworth of Long Buckley in Northamptonshire, England


    He died probably between May 16, 1675, the date of will, in which he speaks of himself as "weak in body," and july 9, 1675, when the General Court met, and he disappears as Deputy.

    He removed from Long Buckley to Braintree, co. Essex, England. He came to New England with Christopher, probably his brother, in the ship "Lion" (apparently bringing his four children, Sarah, William, Mary and John), and landed at Boston, Sept. 16, 1632. (Winthrop's history, I, p. 90.) He settled at Cambridge; admitted a Freeman, Nov. 6, 1632; was elected to the first Board of Selectmen of Cambridge, and served in 1634/5. In 1636, he joined the Hooker party, removed to Hartford "and there lived in the highest esteem." Out of 62 sessions of the General Court, held between Oct., 1656 and May, 1675, inclusive, he was present at all but 2,--those of May 21, 1657 and Oct. 3, 1661. he was one of the more substantial and wealthy of the emigrants. He was Collector of Rates for Hartford in 1638; Selectman before 1640 and for the years 1643,48, 55, 61 and 73. In 1651, he was Constable for the "north side" of Hartford; was an original proprietor of Hartford and his house lot was co-extensive with the present square, bounded by Asylum, Trumbull and West Pearl Streets and the road to the River.

    William married Sarah TALCOTT Abt 1625, Braintree, Essex, England. Sarah was born , England; died Bef Jul 1644. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Sarah TALCOTT was born , England; died Bef Jul 1644.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Dau. of John Talcott and Anne Skinner of Braintree, Essex, England

    1. Sarah WADSWORTH was born Abt 1626; died 1648 or 1649.
    2. William WADSWORTH was born Abt 1628, England; died , young.
    3. 2. John WADSWORTH was born Abt 1630, England; died 1689.
    4. Mary WADSWORTH was born Abt 1632; died 8 Feb 1711-12.

  3. 6.  Thomas STANLEY was christened 20 Oct 1597, Ashford, Kent, England (son of John STANLEY and Susan LANCOCK); died 30 Jan 1663.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Son of John Stanley and Susan Lancock


    He probably arrived in May, 1634, (Love's Colonial History of Hartford, p. 2), though he is generally said to have come from London in the ship "Planter", 1635 and registered at the Custom House as 16; but this evidently refers to someone else of the same name, for he was much older. He and his brother Timothy were made Freemen of Massachusetts, March 4, 1634/5. His wife was born in 1609 and he was Deputy to the General Court from Lynn, Sep. 2, 1635, when the removal to Connecticut was decided upon. Moreover, he came with his brothers, John and timothy who did not come in the "Planter." At Hartford he was Constable in the years 1644, 48 and 53. He joined the first party for the settlement of Hartford, known as the "Adventurers," who went the year before the main body of Mr. Hooker's congregation. He had been chosen Constable at Lynn and was fined 10 shillings at a Court held in Salem, for not being present June 27, 1636. He was an original proprietor at Hartford and his home lot in 1639 was on what is now Main Street just north of Little River, extending to the present Center Church. He removed to Hadley in 1659 and it has been said he was Townsman there but his name is not included in the list of Hadley's Selectmen.

    Thomas married Benedicta TRITTON 3 Aug 1630. Benedicta was born 30 Jul 1609, Parish Reg., Ashford, Kent, England; died Jan 1664/5. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Benedicta TRITTON was born 30 Jul 1609, Parish Reg., Ashford, Kent, England; died Jan 1664/5.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Dau. of Daniel Tritton and Alice Goldhatch

    1. Thomas STANLEY was christened 18 Sep 1631; was buried 29 Mar 1632.
    2. Mary STANLEY was born , Ashford, England; was christened 2 Feb 1633/4; died 13 Sep 1688, Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut.
    3. 3. Sarah STANLEY
    4. Nathaniel STANLEY was born Abt 1638; died 14 Nov 1712.
    5. Hannah STANLEY was born 02 Jun 1635, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut; died 18 Dec 1708, Hadley, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts.

Generation: 4

  1. 12.  John STANLEY

    John — Susan LANCOCK. [Group Sheet]

  2. 13.  Susan LANCOCK
    1. 6. Thomas STANLEY was christened 20 Oct 1597, Ashford, Kent, England; died 30 Jan 1663.
    2. Timothy STANLEY was christened 22 Mar 1599/00, Ashford Parish Reg., Kent, England; died Apr 1648.
    3. John STANLEY was christened 28 Dec 1603; died Apr or May 1634, while at sea on the way over.