Female 1653 - Bef 1723  (< 69 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Abigail BARTLETT was born 14 Mar 1652/3, Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts (daughter of Richard BARTLETT and ABIGAIL); died Bef 1723.

    Abigail married John EMERY 27 May 1700, Newbury, Essex Co., Mass.. John (son of John EMERY and Mary WEBSTER) was born 12 Sep 1656, Newbury, Essex Coounty, Massachusetts; died 14 Jul 1730, Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Richard BARTLETT was born 31 Oct 1621, England (son of Richard BARTLETT); died 1698.

    Other Events:

    • Occupation: Shoemaker
    • Occupation: Shoemaker and Yeoman
    • Residence: Settled in Newbury, Mass.
    • Birth: 1621, England
    • Residence: 1654, Sworn a Freeman
    • Residence: 1678, Took Oath of Allegiance in Newbury, Mass.
    • Residence: Between 1679 and 1681, Represented Newbury
    • Residence: 1684, Represented Newbury


    Excerpt from "A Genealogical History of the Clark and Worth Families": Richard built a sawmill in Haverhill at the unaminous request of the townspeople and was deputy to the General Court for many years from 1679. He was involved in the church controversy along with Captain William Titcomb and others, receiving a fine of four nobles.

    Richard — ABIGAIL. died Between 01 Mar 1686 and 1687, Newbury, Mass.. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  ABIGAIL died Between 01 Mar 1686 and 1687, Newbury, Mass..
    1. Rebecca BARTLETT was born 23 May 1661, Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts; died Apr 1723.
    2. Samuel BARTLETT was born 20 Feb 1645/6, Newbury, Massachusetts; died 15 May 1732.
    3. 1. Abigail BARTLETT was born 14 Mar 1652/3, Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts; died Bef 1723.
    4. Hannah BARTLETT was born 18 Dec 1657, Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts; died 17 Jun 1676, Newbury, Massachusetts.
    5. Thomas BARTLETT was born 07 Sep 1650, Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts ; died 06 Apr 1689, Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
    6. Richard BARTLETT was born 21 Feb 1649, Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts ; died 17 Apr 1724.
    7. John BARTLETT was born 22 Jun 1655, Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts; died 24 May 1736, Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Richard BARTLETT was born Abt 1575; died 25 May 1647, Newbury, Mass..

    Other Events:

    • Occupation: Cordwainer
    • Religion: Elder of the church of Newbury
    • Immigration: 1635, Came to Newbury, Massachusetts
    • Death: 20 May 1647, Newbury, Massachusetts
    • Will Proved: 28 Sep 1647


    Excerpt from "A genealogical History of the Clark and Worth Families": The name is Anglo-Norman; the nickname Bartle, (son of Bartholomew) plus diminutive-ot and -et is seen in old English records: Bartelot, county Bedford in 1273; Thomas Bartlet, Yorkshire in 1379; and Robert Bartlet, county Dorset in 1578. Newbury was the first livestock-raising settlement in the province,colonied largely by immigrants from Wiltshire, England. A party of colonists from Wiltshire came to Ipswich, Mass, March 24, 1634, with the Rev. thomas Parker on the ship Mary and John. In 1635 they moved on to colonize Newbury.

    Richard came to Newbury in 1635, very likely in the company of Rev. Parker from Wiltshire. Richard Bartlett brought his children, and judging from their birth dates, he was probable married twice in Entgland. His son John's name appears on the passenger list of the Mary and John. They bought land at what ever since has been called Bartlett's Cove near Chain Bridge and opposite Amesbury Ferry, and records show that they were men of education, ability and influence. Richart Sr. brought from England a rare Breecher Bible he had purchased in 1612, as well as other books. This edition of the Bible contained the Book of Common Prayer, a Concordance, and Psalms set to music. According to tradition, the Bartletts were a music-loving family.

    Excerpt from "Family Records of Branches of the Hanaford, Thompson, Huckins, Prescott, Smith, Neal, etc": The ancestors of the Bartletts came from Normandy, with William the Conqueror, and fought the battle of Hastings. Stopham, England, is the ancestral seat of the family. the Bartletts were among the Wiltshire Colony that came over on the Mary and Joh, March 24, 1633, and settled at Newbury, Mass,; among this colony was Richard Bartlett and family.

    1. Thomas BARTLETT was born 22 Jan 1615, England; died , England.
    2. 2. Richard BARTLETT was born 31 Oct 1621, England; died 1698.
    3. Anne BARTLETT was born 26 Feb 1625, Newbury, Massachusetts; died Bef 1647.
    4. John BARTLETT was born 09 Nov 1613, England; died 05 Feb 1678/9, Newbury, Massachusetts.
    5. Joanna BARTLETT was born 29 Jan 1610, England; died 28 Jun 1653, Newbury, Massachusetts.
    6. Christopher BARTLETT was born 25 Feb 1623/4; died 15 Mar 1669/70, Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.