Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Mercy  Sep 1680Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I01023
2 BENJAMIN, Elizabeth  Between 14 Jan 1679 and 1680Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I05579
3 BENJAMIN, Hannah  03 Feb 1667/8Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I05581
4 BENJAMIN, Jemima  Between 1664 and 1667Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I05583
5 BENJAMIN, John  Between 1677 and 1682Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I05584
6 BENJAMIN, Joseph  29 Apr 1673Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I05591
7 BENJAMIN, Mary  Apr 1670Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I05598
8 BENJAMIN, Mercy  Between 12 Mar 1673 and 1674Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I05601
9 COLE, John  15 Jul 1644Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I12507
10 CROWELL, Daniel  20 May 1734Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I14568
11 CROWELL, Daty  30 Aug 1742Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I14571
12 CROWELL, Desire  30 May 1736Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I14569
13 CROWELL, Ebenezer  30 May 1698Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I14572
14 CROWELL, Ebenezer  30 Jul 1730Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I14573
15 CROWELL, Edmond  13 Jan 1740/1Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I14574
16 CROWELL, Elishua  Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I14543
17 CROWELL, Elizabeth  09 May 1649Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I14578
18 CROWELL, James  11 Jun 1725Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I14581
19 CROWELL, John  1642Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I14582
20 CROWELL, Mercy  01 Oct 1749Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I14588
21 CROWELL, Samuel  Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I14592
22 CROWELL, Temperance  12 Oct 1727Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I14594
23 CROWELL, Thankful  20 Aug 1744Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I14595
24 CROWELL, Thomas  09 May 1649Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts  I14596
25 GORHAM, John  2 Aug 1680Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I85265
26 GORHAM, Joseph  16 Feb 1654Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I25757
27 GORHAM, Mercy  26 Sep 1708Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I85267
28 GORHAM, Rose  19 Mar 1711/12Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I15297
29 HALL, Deborah  05 Sep 1779Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I26873
30 HALL, Reuben  1747Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I26950
31 HOWES, Sarah  18 Oct 1749Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I29923
32 NICKERSON, Hester  Oct 1656Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I41307
33 SEARS, Lieut David  2 Oct 1710Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I48899
34 TABER, Philip  08 Feb 1646Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I56024
35 WELLS, Isaac  1598Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I60221


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CROWELL, Desire  27 Feb 1788Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I14569
2 CROWELL, Ebenezer  18 Aug 1771Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I14572
3 CROWELL, John Jr.  15 Oct 1728Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I85263
4 GORHAM, Joseph  09 Jul 1726Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I25757
5 GORHAM, Rose  19 Mar 1781Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I15297
6 GORHAM, Temperance  12 Mar 1715Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts  I25776
7 MILLER, Mary  15 Jan 1811Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I99008
8 NICKERSON, Hester  08 Feb 1702/3Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I41307
9 SARES, Richard  Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I87995
10 SEARS, Capt Paul  20 Feb 1707/8Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I87993
11 WILLARD, Deborah  13 May 1721Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I87994
12 WING, John  Between Feb 1698/9 and 10 Aug 1699.Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I102857


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GATES, Hannah  13 Feb 1688Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts I24134


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BENJAMIN / CLARK  Abt 1665Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts F02033
2 CROWELL / Gorham  02 Jul 1724Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts F07208
3 GOODSPEED / CROWELL  15 Feb 1677/8Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts F09485