Westminster Abbey



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DE STAFFORD, Thomas  04 Jul 1392Westminster Abbey I17561


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BEAUFORT, Margaret  Westminster Abbey I04711
2 BOURCHIER, Humphrey  Westminster Abbey I07226
3 BRUGES, Winifred  Westminster Abbey I90467
4 DE FORT, Aveline  Westminster Abbey I22855
5 DE VALENCE, Aymer  01 Aug 1324Westminster Abbey I17661
6 DE VALENCE, John  Westminster Abbey I17665
7 DE VALENCE, Margaret  Between 24 Mar 1275 and 1276Westminster Abbey I17666
8 DE VALENCE, Sir William  Westminster Abbey I58192
9 ENGLAND, Alphonso Of  Westminster Abbey I21263
10 ENGLAND, Elizabeth I 'Tudor' Queen of  Westminster Abbey I89774
11 ENGLAND, Gervase Of  Westminster Abbey I21319
12 ENGLAND, Henry Of  Westminster Abbey I21333
13 ENGLAND, Henry Of  Westminster Abbey I21334
14 ENGLAND, Joan Of  Westminster Abbey I21344
15 ENGLAND, John Of  Westminster Abbey I21348
16 ENGLAND, John Of  Westminster Abbey I21024
17 ENGLAND, John Of  Westminster Abbey I21349
18 GLOUCESTER, Thomas Of  Westminster Abbey I62685
19 HARPEDEN, John Knt.  Westminster Abbey I90684
20 HEMENALE, Robert Knt.  Westminster Abbey I90680
21 NEVILLE, Anne  Westminster Abbey I41108
22 SCOTLAND, Matilda Of  Westminster Abbey I48752
23 WALES, Oliver Prince Of  Westminster Abbey I58952
24 WESSEX, Edith Queen Of  Westminster Abbey I60392


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Crowned    Person ID 
1 ANGOULEME, Isabella Of  08 Oct 1200Westminster Abbey I02291
2 BLOIS, Stephen of  26 Dec 1135Westminster Abbey I21382
3 BOULOGNE, Matilda Of  22 Mar 1136Westminster Abbey I07182
4 CASTILE, Eleanor of  19 Aug 1274Westminster Abbey I10364
5 CONQUEROR, William I The  25 Dec 1066Westminster Abbey I12868
6 ENGLAND, Edward II King Of  Between 23 and 25 Feb 1308Westminster Abbey I21294
7 ENGLAND, Edward III King Of  02 Feb 1327Westminster Abbey I21295
8 ENGLAND, Henry I "Beauclerc" King Of  06 Aug 1100Westminster Abbey I21329
9 ENGLAND, Henry II 'Curtmantle' King Of  19 Dec 1154Westminster Abbey I21330
10 ENGLAND, Henry Of  14 Jun 1170Westminster Abbey I21335
11 ENGLAND, John 'Lackland' King Of  27 May 1199Westminster Abbey I21347
12 ENGLAND, William II King Of  26 Sep 1087Westminster Abbey I21383
13 HAINAULT, Philippa Of  18 Feb 1330Westminster Abbey I26703
14 LOUVAIN, Adela Of  03 Feb 1121/2Westminster Abbey I37118
15 PROVENCE, Eleanor Of  20 Jan 1236Westminster Abbey I45530
16 SCOTLAND, Matilda Of  11 Nov 1100Westminster Abbey I48752


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRABANT / ENGLAND  08 Jul 1290Westminster Abbey F03372
2 DE CLARE / England  Abt 30 Apr 1290Westminster Abbey F03371
3 ENGLAND / PROVENCE  23 Nov 1243Westminster Abbey F03379
4 LANCASTER / DE FORT  Between 06 and 09 Apr 1269Westminster Abbey F05249