West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Bernice  Abt 1874West Virginia I00230
2 ?, Catherine  Abt 1862West Virginia I00264
3 ?, Ethel H.  Abt 1898West Virginia I00489
4 ?, Eunice  Abt 1884West Virginia I00493
5 ?, Florence  Abt 1875West Virginia I00517
6 ?, Ida  Oct 1868West Virginia I00627
7 ?, Lottie J.  Abt 1885West Virginia I00734
8 ALBAUGH, Archibald  Jul 1886West Virginia I01551
9 ALBAUGH, Charles  28 Aug 1888West Virginia I01553
10 ALBAUGH, Clifford Edward  18 Dec 1899West Virginia I01554
11 ALBAUGH, Denton  06 Apr 1896West Virginia I01556
12 ALBAUGH, Emma E.  Jun 1893West Virginia I01557
13 ALBAUGH, George  19 Jul 1883West Virginia I01558
14 ALBAUGH, James  Mar 1856West Virginia I01560
15 BAKER, Georgiana   I03429
16 BLAIR, Doria  Dec 1889West Virginia I79019
17 BLAIR, Sadie  Dec 1891West Virginia I79020
18 BOSTON, Alberta   I07063
19 BOSTON, Arval A.  Oct 1891West Virginia I07065
20 BOSTON, Aura  Mar 1895West Virginia I07066
21 BOSTON, Clyde W.   I07068
22 BOSTON, Irene   I07072
23 BOSTON, Lola V.  Dec 1889West Virginia I07074
24 BOSTON, Maude  Oct 1895West Virginia I07075
25 BOSTON, Orcie Guy  Nov 1894West Virginia I07077
26 BOSTON, Raymond Oscar  Aug 1899West Virginia I07078
27 BOSTON, Sherley A.  Jul 1897West Virginia I07079
28 BOSTON, Vern  Dec 1899West Virginia I07080
29 BOSTON, William Day  Sep 1898West Virginia I07081
30 BRYSON, Leota G.  Abt 1864West Virginia I08706
31 BRYSON, Lucy  Abt 1862West Virginia I08710
32 BUCKHANNAN, Rebecca  Abt 1852West Virginia I08763
33 DAWKINS, John William  Dec 1853West Virginia I79040
34 DOHM, Mary Ridgley   I19315
35 EMCH, Ella May  Oct 1886West Virginia I21041
36 FAULKNER, Mary Louise   I21771
37 FOX, Nellie M.  Abt 1871West Virginia I23017
38 GARRISON, Clara   I23945
39 GARRISON, John  Abt 1873West Virginia I23946
40 GATES, Aaron  Abt 1875West Virginia I23962
41 GATES, Adam  24 Apr 1868West Virginia I23973
42 GATES, Alexander  Dec 1870West Virginia I23980
43 GATES, Andrew  Sep 1879West Virginia I23997
44 GATES, Andrew J.  Apr 1883West Virginia I23998
45 GATES, Child  Abt 1872West Virginia I24037
46 GATES, Daniel  Nov 1866West Virginia I24057
47 GATES, George  Dec 1876West Virginia I24128
48 GATES, Hannah  Abt 1870West Virginia I24141
49 GATES, Harriet E.  Feb 1882West Virginia I24146
50 GATES, Isaac  Apr 1877West Virginia I24167

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 JEWELL, Sarah Margaret  27 Sep 1947West Virginia I32180
2 SLAUSON, Ruth Louise  10 Oct 2010West Virginia I91299
3 YALE, Capt Thomas  26 Jan 1736West Virginia I82869


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Helen  Abt 1901West Virginia I00615
2 ALBAUGH, Bert  Feb 1890West Virginia I01552
3 ALBAUGH, Denton  Mar 1896West Virginia I01556
4 ALBAUGH, George  Jul 1882West Virginia I01558
5 BAKER, Margaret May  Dec 1898West Virginia I03448
6 HARMAN, John Franklin  Abt 1876West Virginia I27366
7 HARMAN, Samuel Ernest  Abt 1879West Virginia I27394


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Barber / Dunnett  1936West Virginia F1875
2 Lomax / Hanson  2 Mar 1945West Virginia F29243