Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHASE, Hannah  1728Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I10932
2 DODGE, Sarah  1 Mar 1750Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I68133
3 DUDLEY, John  20 Aug 1740Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I20025
4 KENNEY, Eunice  Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I103220
5 KIDDER, Chloe  6 Dec 1783Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I33132
6 KIDDER, John  5 Jul 1749Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I68132
7 LELAND, Abigail  27 May 1752Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I35666
8 MORSE, Caleb  26 Jul 1753Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I40477
9 MORSE, David  17 Jun 1765Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I40483
10 MORSE, Hannah  23 Sep 1742Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I40500
11 MORSE, Joshua  09 Jul 1759Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I40517
12 MORSE, Martha  14 Apr 1756Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I40528
13 MORSE, Molly  25 Jul 1748Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I40535
14 MORSE, Moody  07 Jul 1746Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I40539
15 MORSE, Nathaniel Frye  06 Dec 1750Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I40543
16 MORSE, Susannah  30 Apr 1761Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I40563


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 HILL, Clarissa Norcross   I102733


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DUDLEY, John  25 Aug 1785Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I20025
2 GIBBS, Hannah  20 Oct 1805Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I24754
3 KENNEY, Theophilus  Nov 1792Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I33004
4 LELAND, Abigail  23 May 1792Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I35666
5 MORSE, Hannah  17 Jan 1815Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I40500
6 MORSE, Joshua  11 Jul 1806Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I40517
7 MORSE, Moody  Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I40539
8 MORSE, Capt Moody  14 Aug 1805Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I40536
9 MORSE, Nathaniel Frye  17 Mar 1835Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I40543
10 PUTMAN, Rebecca Hall  28 Jan 1819Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I45639
11 PUTNAM, Jonathan  Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I45654


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DUDLEY / MORSE  19 Oct 1768Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F07712
2 KIDDER / DODGE  25 Feb 1771Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F27407
3 MORSE / HATHAWAY  09 May 1782Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F07717
4 MORSE / LELAND  31 Mar 1774Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F07711
5 MORSE / PUTMAN  1810Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F07714