Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Martha  Abt 1646Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I01846
2 BARNES, Mary  Abt 1644Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I03892
3 CARR, James  28 Apr 1650Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I10091
4 CHALLIS, Elizabeth  26 Apr 1665Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I10565
5 CHALLIS, Lydia  31 May 1665Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I10566
6 COLBY, Rebecca  Mar 1643Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I72161
7 DUDLEY, Mary  21 Apr 1646Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20043
8 DUDLEY, Mary  06 Jan 1649Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20044
9 DUDLEY, Rebecca  1658Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20059
10 DUDLEY, Theophilus  31 Oct 1644Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20080
11 HOYT, Dorothy  Between 29 Jan 1673 and 1674Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30252
12 HOYT, Elizabeth  Between 08 Feb 1661 and 1662Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30267
13 HOYT, John  01 Jan 1639/40Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30393
14 HOYT, John  28 Mar 1663Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30394
15 HOYT, Joseph  14 Jul 1666Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30425
16 HOYT, Sarah  Abt 1668Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30617
17 HOYT, William  05 Sep 1660Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30675
18 HUBBARD, Comfort  17 Jan 1681Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30710
19 HUBBARD, Eleazer  27 Oct 1689Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30729
20 HUBBARD, Infant  1672Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30763
21 HUBBARD, Jemima  11 Nov 1684Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30769
22 HUBBARD, Jeremiah  27 Aug 1692Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30772
23 HUBBARD, John  12 Apr 1669Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30779
24 HUBBARD, Joseph March  04 Jun 1676Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30802
25 HUBBARD, Judith  09 Jul 1679Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30805
26 HUBBARD, Keziah  11 Nov 1684Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30806
27 HUBBARD, Mary  19 Jan 1667Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30820
28 HUBBARD, Richard  09 Mar 1687Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30850
29 LANCASTER, Joseph  25 Dec 1665Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I34810
30 LANGDON, John  28 May 1707Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I34866
31 LANGDON, Joseph  Between 28 Feb 1695 and 1696Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I34867
32 LANGDON, Mark  15 Sep 1698Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I34870
33 LANGDON, Martha  Between 07 Mar 1692 and 1693Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I34871
34 LANGDON, Mary Elizabeth  17 Nov 1687Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I34875
35 LANGDON, Richard  14 Apr 1694Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I34876
36 LANGDON, Samuel  06 Sep 1700Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I34877
37 LANGDON, Tobias  11 Oct 1689Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I34879
38 LANGDON, William  30 Oct 1702Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I34883
39 MACY, Mary  04 Dec 1648Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I37490
40 PARTRIDGE, Sarah  24 Aug 1647Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I72143


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Abigail  Aft 1696Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I01752
2 ALLEN, John  27 Feb 1696Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I01827
3 ALLEN, Martha  04 Oct 1718Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I01846
4 ALLEN, Mary  06 Apr 1703Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I01850
5 ALLEN, Richard  08 Jun 1678Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I01869
6 ALLEN, Ruth  Bef 16 Sep 1674Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I01871
7 ALLEN, William  18 Jun 1686Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I01905
8 CHALLIS, Elizabeth  Aft Dec 1744Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I10565
9 HUBBARD, Eleazer  1773Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30729
10 HUBBARD, Infant  1672Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30763
11 HUBBARD, Joseph  Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30798
12 HUBBARD, Richard  20 Jan 1688Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30850
13 HUBBARD, Richard  26 Jun 1719Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I30848


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HOYT / CHALLIS  Abt 1685Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F19146
2 LANCASTER / HOYT  31 Mar 1687Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F19145