Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASHBY, Elizabeth Rebecca  17 May 1831Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I97744
2 BACHELDER, Joseph  8 May 1653Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I98033
3 BALCH, John  Abt 1630Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I03475
4 BARNEY, Dorcas  22 Apr 1671Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I03911
5 BARNEY, John Witt  01 Aug 1665Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I03931
6 BARTHOLOMEW, Henry  1657Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I100247
7 CROADE, Ruth  8 May 1699Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I103015
8 CURTIS, Madolin  1890Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I85570
9 FLINT, Joshua  28 Oct 1689Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I71528
10 FULLER, Jonathan  19 Jul 1673Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I34864
11 FULLER, Thomas  3 May 1671Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I60702
12 JANVERIN, Capt Richard  Abt 1650Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I100248
13 JOHNSON, Hannah  Abt 1630Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I32237
14 KENNEY, Theophilus  18 Jun 1710Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I33004
15 LEWIS, Benjamin  27 Apr 1667Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27585
16 MARSTON, Benjamin  9 Jan 1650/1Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I100668
17 MARSTON, Colonel Benjamin  24 Feb 1696/7Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I100657
18 MCAULIFFE, Hannah  May 1864Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I53464
19 PUTMAN, Eleazer  1665Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I45638
20 PUTNAM, Sergt. Thomas  12 Jan 1652Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I103131
21 RUCK, Rebecca  Sep 1671Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I97932
22 SYMONDS, Sarah  17 May 1784Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I763


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 COIT, Joseph  30 Jul 1643Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I12426
2 WOODBURY, Joseph  20 Nov 1665Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I62606


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ?, Anne  Abt 1634Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I00197
2 BARNEY, Jacob  28 Apr 1673Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I03922
3 BARTHOLOMEW, Henry  1698Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I100247
4 BOREMAN, Hannah  Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I06716
5 CATESBY, Elizabeth  Aft 1673Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I10446
6 FULLER, Thomas  Jun 1698Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I104180
7 GIBBS, Mehitable  21 Aug 1727Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I100666
8 HORNE, Deacon John  1684Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I55406
9 JOHNSON, Hannah  05 Jun 1659Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I32237
10 PUTMAN, Eleazer  25 Jan 1733Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I45638
11 PUTNAM, Sergt. Thomas  24 May 1699Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I103131
12 ROGERS, Patience  22 May 1731Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I100667
13 ROLFE, Elizabeth  02 Jan 1752Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I47195
14 WINSLOW, Elizabeth  20 Sep 1761/2Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts I62281


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BARNEY / CATESBY  Abt 1635Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts F07905
2 BARNEY / JOHNSON  18 Aug 1657Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts F07899
3 BARNEY / WITT  26 Apr 1660Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts F07900
4 Gustine / BROWNE  10 Nov 1676Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts F04138
5 POOLE / HOLMES  16 Jul 1719Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts F36966