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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Almode  Between 1071 and 1075Murdered I37721
2 Dietrich I  19 Nov 1034Murdered I07717
3 Duke Ansegisel  685Murdered I02356
4 Herbert I  Between 900 and 908Murdered I53730
5 Igor/Ingvar  945Murdered I33709
6 Malcolm II  25 Nov 1034Murdered I48741
7 William I "Longsword"  17 Dec 942Murdered I41452
8 BOURBON, Louis Of  30 Aug 1482Murdered I07203
9 BRITTANY, Hoel II King Of  547Murdered I07987
10 DE DINHAM, Sir John Knt.  7 Jan 1382/3Murdered I81867
11 DE STAFFORD, Ralph  May 1385Murdered I17560
12 DE THOUARS, Aimery IV  1093Murdered I17589
13 DENMARK, Harold III King Of  01 Nov 988Murdered I18774
14 HOHENSTAUFEN, Henry Of  Between 1253 and 1254Murdered I29067
15 KOMNENOS, Alexies  1183Murdered I34300
16 MISNIA, Dietricus Of  24 Dec 1307Murdered I39977
17 NAVARRE, Sancho Garcia III King Of  18 Oct 1035Murdered I40996
18 NORDGAU, Eberhard III Count In The  Aft 898Murdered I41414
19 PERSIA, Yazdegerd King Of  Murdered I44014
20 PUTTEN, Godfrey Count In The Ennsthal And Of  08 Feb 1050Murdered I45669
21 SALERNO, Guaimar IV Prince Of  03 Jun 1052Murdered I47895
22 SULZBACH, Gebhard I Count Of  Abt 1080Murdered I55727
23 TALVAS, Mabel  02 Dec 1079Murdered I56360