Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRIGHAM, Abigail  25 Nov 1708Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I97752
2 BROWNE, Abigail  09 Mar 1675Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I08482
3 BROWNE, Daniel  1671Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I08494
4 BROWNE, Deborah  20 Apr 1673Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I08496
5 BROWNE, Hester  11 Dec 1667Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I08508
6 BROWNE, Joseph  1677Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I08532
7 GATES, Stephen  08 Aug 1718Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I24454
8 HOWE, Damaris  31 Jul 1725Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I29851
9 HOWE, Jonathan  23 Apr 1695Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I65893
10 RICE, Caleb  7 May 1740Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I28333
11 RICE, Edmund  1663Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I46357
12 RICE, Ephraim  15 Apr 1665Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I46364
13 RICE, Frances  03 Feb 1670Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I46366
14 RICE, Gershom  09 May 1667Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I46368
15 RICE, Jonas  06 Mar 1672Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I46384
16 RICE, Zephaniah  22 Sep 1700Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I46422


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROWNE, Hester  15 Dec 1667Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I08508
2 CARGAIN, Freeman Frank  19 Dec 1992Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I92493
3 HOWE, Jonathan  25 Jul 1738Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I65893
4 JOSLIN, Rebecca  22 Sep 1731Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I65960
5 KING, Sara  2 Jul 1706Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I81645
6 RICE, Joshua  23 Jun 1734Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I46388
7 STOW, Samuel  09 Feb 1721Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I55483