Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BREED, Allen  30 Aug 1660Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I07693
2 BREED, Elizabeth  Abt Dec 1634Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I07701
3 BREED, Elizabeth  01 Nov 1667Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I07700
4 BREED, John  18 Jan 1663Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I07703
5 BREED, Joseph  12 Dec 1657Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I07707
6 BREED, Mary  24 Aug 1665Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I07709
7 BREED, Samuel  25 Sep 1669Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I07711
8 BROWN, Eleazer  4 Aug 1670Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I88683
9 BROWN, John  Abt 1664Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I08273
10 BURCHAM, Frances  Abt 1639Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I08941
11 FARRINGTON, Sarah  Between 26 Jan 1658 and 1659Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I21747
12 LEWIS, Benjamin  Abt 1675Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I35843
13 ROBERTSON, Alfred Judson  22 Mar 1916Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79329
14 ROBERTSON, Armand Chester  13 Mar 1928Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79332
15 ROBERTSON, Frank Raymond  24 Dec 1913Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79328
16 ROBERTSON, Freeman Cole  9 Jul 1921Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79330
17 ROBERTSON, George Edwin  23 Sep 1923Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79331
18 ROGERS, Theophilus  4 Oct 1699Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I69755
19 SHEPARD, Mary  1679Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I49464
20 SOUTHWICK, Dorothy H.  19 Aug 1923Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79335
21 TUCKER, Dr. Arthur Wallace Jr.  3 Feb 1916Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I93206
22 WHEELER, Elizabeth  1648Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I60643
23 WHEELER, Isaac  1646Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I60679
24 WHEELER, Sarah  1650Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I60774
25 WHITING, Rev. John  20 Jan 1681Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I103500
26 WHITING, Joseph  22 Nov 1675Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I103496
27 WHITING, Joseph  8 May 1677Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I103497
28 WHITING, Joseph  14 Jan 1680Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I103499
29 WHITING, Samuel  3 Jul 1674Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I103495
30 WHITING, Sarah  Abt 1667Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I103491
31 WHITING, Thomas  20 May 1678Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I103498
32 WITT, Anne  1637Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I62364
33 WITT, John  Abt 1610Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I62365


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BREED, Allen Jr.  1707Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I07695
2 BREED, Allen  1730Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I07693
3 BREED, Elizabeth  1671Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I07701
4 BREED, Joseph  25 Nov 1713Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I07707
5 FARRINGTON, Sarah  02 Apr 1752Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I21747
6 FREEMAN, Nettie Crapo  10 Aug 1975Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79326
7 MERRIAM, William  22 May 1689Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I39367
8 ROBERTSON, Alfred Judson  19 Mar 2005Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79329
9 SARGENT, Mary  30 Nov 1671Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I48112
10 SOUTHWICK, Dorothy H.  27 Dec 2007Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I79335
11 WHEELER, Elizabeth  Bef 28 Mar 1656Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I60647
12 WHITING, Joseph  25 Nov 1675Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I103496
13 WHITING, Joseph  7 Jul 1677Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I103497
14 WHITING, Joseph  5 Feb 1680Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I103499
15 WHITING, Thomas  1 Jun 1678Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I103498
16 WITT, John  02 Dec 1675Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts I62365


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BREED / FARRINGTON  27 Sep 1683Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts F09455
2 BREED / SARGENT  02 Dec 1658Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts F09454
3 LATHROP / FARRAR  20 May 1667Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts F09471
4 Robertson / FREEMAN  24 Jun 1911Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts F31903
5 WHEELER / ?  1645Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts F02991
6 WITTER / WHEELER  25 Feb 1662Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts F02990