Hingham, Norfolk, England



Latitude: 52.5806360, Longitude: 0.9833960


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALBERYE, Margaret  Abt 1529Hingham, Norfolk, England I01582
2 COOPER, Josiah  poss. 1632Hingham, Norfolk, England I79422
3 COWPER, Joan  Abt 1503Hingham, Norfolk, England I13367
4 FOLSOM, Adam  22 Apr 1591Hingham, Norfolk, England I22660
5 FOLSOM, John  Abt 1615Hingham, Norfolk, England I22689
6 GATES, Elizabeth  Abt 1630Hingham, Norfolk, England I24086
7 GILMAN, John  10 Jan 1623/24Hingham, Norfolk, England I25172
8 GILMAN, Lydia  1619Hingham, Norfolk, England I25210
9 GILMAN, Mary  1615Hingham, Norfolk, England I25216
10 GILMAN, Moses  1630Hingham, Norfolk, England I25232
11 LINCOLN, Agnes  Abt 1552Hingham, Norfolk, England I35992
12 LINCOLN, Amy  11 Dec 1625Hingham, Norfolk, England I35993
13 LINCOLN, Ann  Abt 1530Hingham, Norfolk, England I35994
14 LINCOLN, Christian  Abt 1535Hingham, Norfolk, England I36003
15 LINCOLN, Daniel  18 Mar 1619Hingham, Norfolk, England I36004
16 LINCOLN, Edward  1610Hingham, Norfolk, England I36009
17 LINCOLN, Elizabeth  Abt 1529Hingham, Norfolk, England I36011
18 LINCOLN, John  Abt 1554Hingham, Norfolk, England I36023
19 LINCOLN, Katherine  Abt 1551Hingham, Norfolk, England I36027
20 LINCOLN, Margaret  Abt 1533Hingham, Norfolk, England I36032
21 LINCOLN, Robert  1496Hingham, Norfolk, England I36051
22 LINCOLN, Robert  Abt 1525Hingham, Norfolk, England I36050
23 LINCOLN, Robert  19 Nov 1615Hingham, Norfolk, England I36052
24 LINCOLN, Rose  Abt 1527Hingham, Norfolk, England I36054
25 LINCOLN, Rose  Abt 1537Hingham, Norfolk, England I36055
26 LINCOLN, Samuel  24 Aug 1622Hingham, Norfolk, England I36056
27 PECK, Anne  Hingham, Norfolk, England I43713
28 SMITH, Agnes  1593Hingham, Norfolk, England I53198


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 HOBART, Rev. Peter  8/13 Oct 1604Hingham, Norfolk, England I86813
2 LINCOLN, Richard  20 Sep 1600Hingham, Norfolk, England I36048
3 LINCOLN, Sarah  Apr 1606Hingham, Norfolk, England I36058
4 LINCOLN, Thomas  27 Nov 1601Hingham, Norfolk, England I36068
5 PECK, Joseph  23 Aug 1623Hingham, Norfolk, England I43726
6 PECK, Rebecca  25 May 1620Hingham, Norfolk, England I86815


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GATES, Elizabeth  03 Aug 1704Hingham, Norfolk, England I24086
2 GATES, Isaac  03 Sep 1651Hingham, Norfolk, England I24162
3 GATES, Rebecca  Jan 1650Hingham, Norfolk, England I24376
4 GATES, Thomas  02 Sep 1635Hingham, Norfolk, England I24476
5 GILMAN, Bridget  Hingham, Norfolk, England I25095
6 LAZELL, John  21 Oct 1700Hingham, Norfolk, England I35449
7 LINCOLN, Edward  1639/40Hingham, Norfolk, England I36008
8 LINCOLN, Richard  1620Hingham, Norfolk, England I36047
9 LINCOLN, Samuel  26 May 1690Hingham, Norfolk, England I36056
10 LYFORD, Martha  1693Hingham, Norfolk, England I37303
11 MYLNYE, Margaret  13 Dec 1639Hingham, Norfolk, England I40834
12 PECK, Rev Robert  1656Hingham, Norfolk, England I43735


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LAWRENCE, Anne  30 Aug 1684Hingham, Norfolk, England I35212
2 WRIGHT, Rose  25 Jul 1635Hingham, Norfolk, England I62896


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 GATES, Alice  16 Feb 1625Hingham, Norfolk, England I23984
2 GATES, Ann  15 Jun 1623Hingham, Norfolk, England I24000
3 GATES, Isaac  08 Apr 1634Hingham, Norfolk, England I24168
4 GATES, Isaac  03 May 1646Hingham, Norfolk, England I24162
5 GATES, Mary  28 May 1630Hingham, Norfolk, England I24304
6 GATES, Mary Adell  15 Oct 1636Hingham, Norfolk, England I24308
7 GATES, Rebecca  03 May 1646Hingham, Norfolk, England I24376
8 GATES, Simon  03 May 1645Hingham, Norfolk, England I24438
9 GATES, Thomas  27 Dec 1627Hingham, Norfolk, England I24484
10 GATES, Thomas  03 May 1642Hingham, Norfolk, England I24475
11 GILMAN, Mary  06 Aug 1615Hingham, Norfolk, England I25216


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GATES, Simon  Hingham, Norfolk, England I24438


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FOLSOM / GILMAN  04 Oct 1636Hingham, Norfolk, England F06443
2 GATES / BEARE  05 May 1628Hingham, Norfolk, England F01966
3 GATES / FOULESAM  18 Sep 1627Hingham, Norfolk, England F16329
4 GATES / MYLNYE  24 Jun 1622Hingham, Norfolk, England F16328
5 HUBBARD / BISHOP  1627Hingham, Norfolk, England F01996
6 LAZELL / GATES  29 Nov 1649Hingham, Norfolk, England F04089
7 LEAVITT / GILMAN  6 Dec 1646Hingham, Norfolk, England F10155
8 PECK / CLARK  21 May 1617Hingham, Norfolk, England F02133