Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut



Latitude: 41.7846800, Longitude: -72.3393021


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BABCOCK, William  17 Jul 1726Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I03193
2 BARNARD, Freedom  08 Mar 1715Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I03860
3 BARNARD, Samuel  14 Sep 1718Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I03874
4 KIDDER, Abel  03 Feb 1744/5Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I33134
5 KIDDER, Anne  22 Jan 1740/1Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I33195
6 KINGSBURY, Anna  10 May 1745Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I33921
7 KINGSBURY, Eleazer  14 Feb 1749/50Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I33925
8 KINGSBURY, Freelove  22 Apr 1743Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I33931
9 KINGSBURY, Ensign Samuel Rust  27 Feb 1754Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I33953
10 KINGSBURY, Sarah  1 Feb 1746/7Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I33954
11 LADD, Abigail  20 Mar 1719Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I34501
12 LADD, Abigail  05 Oct 1752Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I34500
13 LADD, Anna Parker  31 Oct 1734Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I34518
14 LADD, Henry  30 Jan 1716Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I34590
15 LADD, Dr. Henry  25 Jan 1742Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I34589
16 LADD, Nathaniel Jr.  30 Jan 1714Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I34672
17 LADD, Nathaniel  15 Jul 1745Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I34665
18 LADD, Nathaniel  07 Jan 1749Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I34660
19 LADD, Nathaniel  04 Oct 1751Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut  I34666
20 LADD, Nathaniel  16 Jan 1774Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I34663
21 LADD, Rachel  08 May 1736Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I34688
22 LADD, Samuel  14 Sep 1727Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I34697
23 LADD, Sarah  06 Jan 1712Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I34703
24 LILLY, Jonathan  20 Apr 1738Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I35953
25 MINOR, Lydia  13 Nov 1757Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I14372
26 PORTER, Irene  08 Dec 1756Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I44857
27 PORTER, Isaiah  21 Aug 1739Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I44877
28 PORTER, Ens. Jonathan  20 Mar 1713Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I44872
29 PORTER, Deacon Jonathan Jr.  17 Sep 1737Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I44874
30 PORTER, Mary  29 Jan 1747/8Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I44883
31 PORTER, Noah  06 Oct 1742Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I44907
32 PORTER, Phebe  11 Mar 1750Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I44909
33 PORTER, Sarah  28 Sep 1736Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I44925
34 PORTER, Sarah  06 Dec 1744Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I44926
35 PORTER, Thomas  16 Mar 1735Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I44938
36 RICHARDSON, Humphrey  22 Feb 1767Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I46560
37 RICHARDSON, Capt Nathan  20 Mar 1725Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I46591
38 RICHARDSON, Rachel  16 May 1729Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I46600
39 RUST, Anna  17 May 1726Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47714
40 RUST, Chloe  14 May 1742Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47715
41 RUST, Daniel  18 Feb 1711Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47716
42 RUST, Elizabeth  11 Jun 1713Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47718
43 RUST, Experience  Nov 1693Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47719
44 RUST, Freelove  25 May 1724Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47721
45 RUST, Lydia  09 May 1716Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47729
46 RUST, Nathaniel  15 May 1735Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47737
47 RUST, Capt Samuel  10 May 1703Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47740
48 RUST, Samuel  23 Feb 1727Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47741
49 RUST, Sarah  04 Jun 1732Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47744
50 RUST, Zebulon  12 Jul 1737Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47746

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BUELL, Lieut,. Justice and Capt. Peter  Mar 1769Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I08813
2 DELANO, Susannah  16 Aug 1806Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I18185
3 EDWARDS, Ann  May 1764Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I20555
4 GURLEY, Samuel  23 Feb 1760Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I26606
5 HATCH, Hannah  Aug 1740Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I27832
6 HAWKINS, Sarah  Sep 1775Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I27995
7 LADD, Nathaniel Jr.  19 Dec 1744Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I34672
8 LADD, Sarah  21 Jan 1806Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I34703
9 PORTER, Ens. Jonathan  24 Mar 1796Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I44872
10 PORTER, Noah  10 Jul 1794Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I44907
11 PORTER, Sarah  28 Sep 1736Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I44925
12 PORTER, Capt Thomas Stanley  7 Aug 1752Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I44940
13 RICHARDSON, Eunice  19 Apr 1793Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I46554
14 RUST, Daniel  Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47716
15 RUST, Elizabeth  15 Dec 1741Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47718
16 RUST, Experience  10 Jul 1768Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47719
17 RUST, Lydia  Mar 1763Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47729
18 RUST, Capt Samuel  6 Sep 1773Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47740
19 RUST, Sarah  07 Oct 1804Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47744
20 SABIN, John  06 Nov 1749Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I47818
21 STILES, Ruth  04 Feb 1777Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I55284
22 THROOP, Submit  22 Feb 1806Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I57629
23 WELLES, Hannah  20 Feb 1719Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I60090
24 WHITE, Anna  23 Jul 1747Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I60861
25 WILSON, Mary  23 Sep 1775Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I38535
26 WILSON, Capt William  1819Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut I62215


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HERRICK / RUST  20 May 1731Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut F16953
2 HERRICK / RUST  08 Feb 1734Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut F16954
3 KIDDER / BARNARD  26 Dec 1738/9Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut  F05087
4 KINGSBURY / RUST  20 Jul 1742Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut F16943
5 RUST / HAWKINS  02 Jul 1722Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut F07371
6 RUST / STRONG  02 Nov 1727Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut F16950
7 RUST / Wilson  27 Oct 1748Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut F16952