Chicago, Cook County, Illinois


Latitude: 41.8781136, Longitude: -87.6297982


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALDRIDGE, John Cady  5 Mar 1918Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I104998
2 ALDRIDGE, Leonard Silas Jr.  7 Dec 1893Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I104990
3 ALDRIDGE, Oliver Jay  30 Apr 1916Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I104997
4 ANDERSON, Infant  19 Dec 1912Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I66170
5 HARLOW, Dorothy Winifred  30 Sep 1916Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I105000
6 SCHAFFER, Gary L.   I79482


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ALDRIDGE, Leonard Silas Jr.  12 Oct 1941Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I104990
2 ANDERSON, Infant  19 Dec 1912Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I66170
3 BALL, Frances A.  13 Nov 1947Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I97299
4 BEARDSLEY, Mary G.  11 Apr 1921Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I63339
5 CLEVELAND, Reuben  10 Jul 1884Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I12034
6 CUNNINGHAM, Maude  3 Feb 1888Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I104445
7 EGLIN, Lettice  16 Aug 1922Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I93910
8 FARNSWORTH, Hattie Frank  2 Jun 1889Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I104910
9 FELLOWS, Frank James  19 Nov 1952Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I99938
10 FELLOWS, Robert Roosevelt Flagg  1 May 1946Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I99944
11 FIX, William Thomas  30 Jul 1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I97432
12 GUSTAFSON, Jennie May  21 Jun 1927Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I66158
13 GUTZWILLER, Francis Edward  2 Jun 1917Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I97437
14 HAMILTON, Fred Hill  5 Dec 1923Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I28735
15 HAMILTON, Jack Robert  18 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I66162
16 HAMMOND, Lewis Morelle  4 Mar 1914Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I64990
17 HEYWOOD, Mary Agnes  Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I4799
18 HEYWOOD, Mary Rawson  05 Nov 1881Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I28530
19 HILL, Edwin Hamilton  09 Jun 1902Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I28727
20 HOOBLER, William Patrick  21 Mar 1940Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I66471
21 HOULDSWORTH, Charles  08 Feb 1919Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I64996
22 MAHANY, Ella J.  Jun 1917Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I96784
23 MCCONNELL, Franklin Porter  17 Sep 1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I101640
24 MORTON, Vera Marie  21 Jan 1983Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I105008
25 NIBLACK, Charles Bradford  6 Jul 1945Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I97287
26 O'TOULE, Mary Ellen  24 Mar 1926Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I97411
27 PADDLEFORD, Lorenzo Stevens  6 Apr 1895Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I42335
28 PADELFORD, Amelia Frances  13 Apr 1898Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I42407
29 PADELFORD, Kate  30 Dec 1919Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I42458
30 RIDER, Isabelle  23 Aug 1955Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I99958
31 RIX, Florence Rose  8 Dec 1926Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I97417
32 RIX, Ralph Charles  7 May 1934Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I97421
33 SLAWSON, Seth Holcomb  Bef 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I52273
34 SLOSSON, Julia  12 Sep 1874Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I52845
35 TALCOTT, Edward Benton  8 Feb 1886Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I56085
36 TARKINGTON, Joseph E.  3 Apr 1941Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I104322
37 THORESDAHL, Bert Edward  15 Jul 1948Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I99961
38 THURSTON, Norva Corinna  15 May 1917Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I14645
39 TURNER, Ethel May  1937Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I66577
40 WILLIS, Harriet Eliza  3 Sep 1901Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I64985


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Hamilton / Gustafson  1 Jan 1903Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F26623