Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut



Latitude: 41.7000000, Longitude: -72.0000000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BACKUS, John  05 May 1720Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I03203
2 BRADFORD, Abigail  02 Sep 1753Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07456
3 BRADFORD, Beulah  03 Sep 1763Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07461
4 BRADFORD, Daughter  Apr 1759Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07462
5 BRADFORD, David  08 May 1748Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07463
6 BRADFORD, Ebenezer  29 May 1746Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07465
7 BRADFORD, Elisha  Mar 1762Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07467
8 BRADFORD, James  01 Feb 1755Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07472
9 BRADFORD, John  27 Jul 1750Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07478
10 BRADFORD, Joshua  17 Oct 1751Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07482
11 BRADFORD, Josiah  25 Nov 1757Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07483
12 BRADFORD, Lydia  02 Jul 1760Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07485
13 BRADFORD, Mary  01 Mar 1744Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07488
14 BRADFORD, Moses  06 Aug 1765Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07493
15 BRADFORD, Olive  13 Jul 1756Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07495
16 BRADFORD, William  Between 04 and 09 Mar 1745Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07510
17 BRADFORD, William  01 Jul 1718Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07511
18 BUTT, Samuel  30 Nov 1707Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I09517
19 CLEVELAND, Aaron  27 Nov 1727Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11894
20 CLEVELAND, Abiel  09 Oct 1709Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11902
21 CLEVELAND, Abigail  03 Jun 1715Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11906
22 CLEVELAND, Abigail  10 Sep 1734Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11907
23 CLEVELAND, Alice  16 Dec 1767Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11909
24 CLEVELAND, Anne  03 Nov 1750Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11915
25 CLEVELAND, Bridgett  12 Aug 1728Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11918
26 CLEVELAND, Deborah  11 Aug 1726Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11923
27 CLEVELAND, Delia  30 May 1772Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11924
28 CLEVELAND, Deliverance  13 Jul 1707Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11926
29 CLEVELAND, Deliverance  Between 10 Mar 1723 and 1724Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11927
30 CLEVELAND, Ebenezer  25 Dec 1725Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11931
31 CLEVELAND, Edward  19 Nov 1761Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11934
32 CLEVELAND, Elisha  07 Jan 1716/7Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11936
33 CLEVELAND, Eperience  05 Sep 1728Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11941
34 CLEVELAND, Hannah  01 Nov 1732Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11954
35 CLEVELAND, Infant  Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11960
36 CLEVELAND, Jesse  20 Oct 1739Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11967
37 CLEVELAND, Johannah  22 Jul 1716Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11974
38 CLEVELAND, John  Between 11 and 12 Apr 1722Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11980
39 CLEVELAND, John  31 Dec 1721Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11981
40 CLEVELAND, Jonas  16 Oct 1718Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11982
41 CLEVELAND, Jonathan  24 Nov 1737Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11985
42 CLEVELAND, Joseph  19 Jan 1730Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11987
43 CLEVELAND, Josiah  04 Apr 1713Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11996
44 CLEVELAND, Keziah  26 Nov 1711Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11997
45 CLEVELAND, Lois  11 Dec 1718Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11999
46 CLEVELAND, Lydia  07 Dec 1704Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I12002
47 CLEVELAND, Lydia  16 Feb 1723/4Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I12003
48 CLEVELAND, Mary  29 Jun 1720Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I12011
49 CLEVELAND, Mary  19 Apr 1731Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I12012
50 CLEVELAND, Mary  05 Aug 1742Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I12013

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, John  16 Jan 1762Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I01404
2 ADAMS, Richard  17 Apr 1733Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I01432
3 BATES, Mary  20 Jul 1743Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I04286
4 BRADFORD, Daughter  Bef 1760Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07462
5 BRADFORD, James  17 Sep 1755Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07472
6 BRADFORD, William  Abt 1780Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I07511
7 BUSWELL, Prudence  30 Jun 1758Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I09463
8 BUTTERFIELD, Deborah  Between 10 and 14 Nov 1724Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I09519
9 CLEVELAND, Aaron  04 Apr 1785Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11894
10 CLEVELAND, Abigail  Between 15 and 19 Dec 1782Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11906
11 CLEVELAND, Abigail  03 Nov 1736Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11907
12 CLEVELAND, Deliverance  Feb 1787Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11926
13 CLEVELAND, Edward  03 Nov 1771Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11933
14 CLEVELAND, Hannah  05 Nov 1736Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11954
15 CLEVELAND, Infant  30 Jun 1758Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11960
16 CLEVELAND, John  11 Jul 1718Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11979
17 CLEVELAND, Jonathan  15 Jul 1713Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11984
18 CLEVELAND, Joseph  Between 11 and 12 May 1752Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11986
19 CLEVELAND, Josiah  26 Apr 1709Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11994
20 CLEVELAND, Josiah  Between 09 Feb 1751 and 1752Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11995
21 CLEVELAND, Josiah  07 May 1793Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11996
22 CLEVELAND, Keziah  Between Aug and Sep 1758Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11997
23 CLEVELAND, Lois  29 Sep 1736Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I11999
24 CLEVELAND, Lydia  26 Mar 1745Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I12003
25 CLEVELAND, Mary  08 Nov 1736Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I12012
26 CLEVELAND, Mary  21 Aug 1742Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I12013
27 CLEVELAND, Mary  06 Aug 1765Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I12011
28 CLEVELAND, Moses  01 Jan 1741Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I12025
29 CLEVELAND, Paine  25 Nov 1773Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I12026
30 CLEVELAND, Rachel  04 Nov 1736Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I12032
31 CLEVELAND, Samuel  01 Oct 1727Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I12050
32 CLEVELAND, Samuel  12 Mar 1735/6Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I12048
33 CLEVELAND, Solomon  14 Mar 1752Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I12058
34 EATON, Kesiah  19 Sep 1742Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I20420
35 FALKNER, Susannah N.  26 Jan 1766Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I21659
36 HILDRETH, Persis  22 Feb 1698Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I28699
37 JOHNSON, Obadiah  10 Apr 1765Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I32281
38 LAWRENCE, Sarah  06 Feb 1755Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I35234
39 PAINE, Abigail  26 Aug 1762Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I43060
40 PAINE, Rebecca  Feb 1784Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I43071
41 PAINE, Thankful  29 Sep 1822Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I43077
42 PALMER, Deliverance  07 Jun 1717Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I43112
43 SMITH, Richard  12 Sep 1742Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I53553


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 PAINE, Rebecca  15 Jul 1710Canterbury, Windham County, Connnecticut I43071