Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts



Latitude: 42.3736158, Longitude: -71.1097335


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Joseph  1658Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I01408
2 BROWNE, Joseph  08 Feb 1656Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I08531
3 BULKELEY, Rev. Gershom  Jan 1635/6Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89866
4 COLLINS, Abigail  20 Sep 1644Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I98873
5 COLLINS, Edward  18 Jun 1664Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I98883
6 COLLINS, Martha  6 Sep 1639Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I98869
7 COLLINS, Rev Nathaniel  7 Mar 1641/2Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I98871
8 DANA, Hannah  25 Oct 1685Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89104
9 ELDRED, Lieut. Thomas  8 Sep 1648Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I100276
10 GLEASON, Mary  31 Oct 1657Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I103246
11 GLEASON, William  1655Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I103244
12 GOFFE, Mary  11 May 1687Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I68091
13 GOOKIN, Hannah  1691/2Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I100420
14 GOOKIN, Nathaniel  22 Oct 1656Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I100297
15 GOOKIN, Rev. Nathaniel  15 Apr 1687Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I100418
16 GRISWOLD, Elizabeth  Abt 1637Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I26281
17 HALL, Abigail  24 Oct 1708Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89127
18 HARLAKENDEN, Elizabeth  Dec 1636Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89679
19 HARLAKENDEN, Margaret  Sep 1638Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89681
20 HOLLY, Samuel  Oct 1642Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I29316
21 HYDE, Abraham  2 Mar 1657/8Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89120
22 HYDE, Ann  18 Aug 1690Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I31615
23 HYDE, Bethia  24 Feb 1678/9Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89095
24 HYDE, Daniel  2 Aug 1661Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89121
25 HYDE, Daniel  Jan 1665/6Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89094
26 HYDE, Dorothy  23 May 1675Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I31631
27 HYDE, Eleazer  11 Mar 1663/4Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89099
28 HYDE, Elizabeth  4 Apr 1654Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89118
29 HYDE, Elizabeth  29 Aug 1664Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I31663
30 HYDE, Elizabeth  Abt 1671Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89089
31 HYDE, Elizabeth  23 May 1680Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I31637
32 HYDE, Hannah  01 Apr 1677Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I31646
33 HYDE, Hannah  4 Oct 1677Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89106
34 HYDE, Hannah  20 May 1680Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89098
35 HYDE, Ichabod  22 Sep 1668Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89015
36 HYDE, Isaac  31 Oct 1685Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89110
37 HYDE, Jacob  9 Apr 1687Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89096
38 HYDE, James  20 Apr 1683Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I31657
39 HYDE, Job  1643Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89017
40 HYDE, Job  6 May 1669Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I35654
41 HYDE, John  6 Apr 1656Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89119
42 HYDE, John  1 Feb 1681/2Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89100
43 HYDE, Jonathan  1 Apr 1651Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89114
44 HYDE, Jonathan  22 May 1684Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89101
45 HYDE, Joseph  27 May 1672Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89021
46 HYDE, Joshua  23 May 1653Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89116
47 HYDE, Joshua  4 Apr 1654Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89117
48 HYDE, Lydia  1 Mar 1688/9Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89111
49 HYDE, Mary  21 Jun 1673Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89091
50 HYDE, Mary  06 Sep 1678Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I31675

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 COLLINS, Edward  Jun 1664Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I98883
2 FROST, Mary  11 Aug 1728Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I101235
3 WHITING, Col. William  19 Feb 1660Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I83316


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BATSON, Mary  02 Mar 1760Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I04314
2 FULLER, Elizabeth  28 Nov 1685Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89076
3 GATES, Stephen  Bef 29 Sep 1662Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I24450
4 HYDE, Abraham  22 Feb 1658/9Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89120
5 HYDE, Ann  14 Oct 1690Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I31615
6 HYDE, Daniel  3 Oct 1661Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89121
7 HYDE, Hannah  10 May 1679Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89106
8 HYDE, Hannah  15 Jan 1724/5Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I31646
9 HYDE, Job  19 Nov 1685Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89017
10 HYDE, Joshua  21 Apr 1656Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89084
11 HYDE, Joshua  21 Apr 1656Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89117
12 HYDE, Ruth  21 Dec 1682Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89109
13 HYDE, Dea. Samuel  12 Sep 1689Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89077
14 MITCHELL, Rev Jonathan  9 Jul 1668Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I88072
15 OSLAND, John  10 Jan 1739/40Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89108
16 PADELFORD, Jonathan  29 Oct 1653Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I42742
17 PADELFORD, Jonathan  1661Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I42740
18 PATTEN, Sarah  24 Sep 1677Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I24782
19 PRENTICE, Henry  9 Jun 1654Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I88923
20 PRENTICE, Thomas  07 Dec 1709Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I45424
21 WHITNEY, Isaiah  1 Jan 1711/12Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89264
22 WILLIAMS, Elizabeth  5 Mar 1662Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89005
23 WOODWARD, Amos  09 Oct 1679Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I62696


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HAMMOND, Nathaniel  26 Jan 1678/9Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I27134


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / EAMES  21 Feb 1688Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts F05383
2 BELCHER / GILBERT  01 Jul 1670Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts F06681
3 PRENTICE / BATSON  06 Nov 1701Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts F08973
4 WOODWARD / PRENTICE  16 Mar 1698/9Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts F02337