Latitude: 49.0393613, Longitude: 2.2058462


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact    Person ID 
1 Baldwin V "the Pious"  1035Acceded I22523
2 Ragnvald I "The Wise"  Abt 1872Acceded I21592
3 Richard II "The Good"  996Acceded I41844
4 Robert (Rollo) "the Viking"  911Acceded I41617
5 Robert I  06 Aug 1028Acceded I41448
6 William I "Longsword"  932Acceded I41452
7 CURTHOSE, Robert II  09 Sep 1087Acceded I14674
8 ENGLAND, Anne 'Stuart' Queen  8 Mar 1702Acceded I90707
9 ENGLAND, Charles I King Of  27 Mar 1625Acceded I21276
10 ENGLAND, Edward VI King Of  28 Jan 1547Acceded I90489
11 ENGLAND, James II King Of  6 Feb 1685Acceded I21343
12 ENGLAND, Mary I Queen Of  19 Jul 1553Acceded I90705
13 FLANDERS, William III Clito Of  Jan 1127Acceded I22545
14 SCOTLAND, James I (Stuart) King of  24 Mar 1603Acceded I55619