Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BETTS, Eli Sherman  8 Jul 1826Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76476
2 BETTS, Harriet Amanda  29 Jun 1858Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76478
3 BUTTERY, Silas  1811Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I91398
4 CLARK, Russell Raye  19 Jul 1893Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I77132
5 DEFOREST, David Lambert  6 Feb 1804Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I69306
6 DEFOREST, Eliud  17 Jun 1769Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76827
7 DEFOREST, William  9 Oct 1798Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76848
8 FANCHER, Eva Estelle  23 Dec 1882Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76304
9 GRAY, Frederick Beebe  26 Sep 1864Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I77106
10 GRAY, John Keeler  20 Sep 1833Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I77104
11 GRAY, Jonathan David  22 Oct 1861Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I77105
12 JENKS, Clara Elizabeth  28 May 1910Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I77141
13 KEELER, Aurilla  11 Jul 1800Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76618
14 KEELER, Hiram  4 Sep 1794Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76626
15 KEELER, John  8 Aug 1768Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76624
16 RUSCOE, Elbert  25 Aug 1852Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76609
17 RUSCOE, Janet Nettie  12 Nov 1850Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76568
18 RUSCOE, Milda Morgan  28 May 1902Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76308
19 RUSCOE, Orilla A.  14 Dec 1802Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76784
20 RUSCOE, William Egbert  21 Sep 1853Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76566
21 WATERBURY, Andrew Francis  29 Aug 1895Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I92321
22 WATERBURY, Edgar William  3 Jun 1893Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I92320


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BETTS, Eli Sherman  12 Jan 1914Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76476
2 BURR, Eliza Jane  5 Nov 1902Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76477
3 DEFOREST, Charles  20 Aug 1889Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76838
4 DEFOREST, Sally  21 Apr 1867Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76832
5 GRAY, Frederick Beebe  23 Jun 1927Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I77106
6 GRAY, John Keeler  20 Apr 1911Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I77104
7 GRAY, Jonathan David  abt. 1 Sep 1931Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I77105
8 HICKOK, Benjamin  17 Nov 1745Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28582
9 HOYT, Alanson  1 Sep 1897Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I30153
10 HOYT, Joseph Edward  5 Feb 1986Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I77140
11 HOYT, Mary Jane  22 Feb 1914Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76461
12 HOYT, Oliver Hazard  23 May 1912Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76884
13 HOYT, Smith  1888Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76868
14 JENKS, Clara Elizabeth  29 Jun 1993Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I77141
15 KEELER, Aurilla  17 Aug 1877Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76618
16 KEELER, John  3 May 1828Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76624
17 MORGAN, Eliza  1871Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76869
18 OLMSTEAD, Lewis  18 Dec 1861Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76833
19 RUSCO, Darius  24 Jan 1854Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76617
20 RUSCOE, Frances  2 Dec 1850Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76621
21 RUSCOE, Ruth  1 May 1853Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76625
22 RUSCOE, Samuel W.  14 Mar 1901Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76442
23 RUSCOE, Selecta  17 May 1851Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76620
24 RUSCOE, Stephen  4 May 1884Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76549
25 RUSCOE, Susannah  Dec 1976Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76880
26 SMITH, Jane E.  12 Apr 1898Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76565
27 STURGES, Julia Ann  19 May 1894Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I76608


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DUNNING, Abigail  7 Sep 1746Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I87766


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 RUSCOE / BETTS  15 Mar 1882Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut F30899
2 RUSCOE / Sturges  17 Dec 1848Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut F30927