Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts



Latitude: 42.6159285, Longitude: -70.6619888


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COLLINS, Daniel  14 Mar 1728/9Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I12611
2 COLLINS, Ebenezer  11 Jun 1698Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I12614
3 COLLINS, Ebenezer  11 May 1726Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I12615
4 COLLINS, Elizabeth  04 Mar 1731Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I12617
5 COLLINS, Eunice  26 Dec 1736Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I12619
6 COLLINS, Ezekial  19 May 1750Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I12620
7 COLLINS, James  26 Nov 1724Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I12625
8 COLLINS, Judith  28 Dec 1734Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I12631
9 COLLINS, Samuel  15 Dec 1720Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I12642
10 COLLINS, Sarah  20 Sep 1722Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I12645
11 COLLINS, Sarah  1753Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I12644
12 ELWELL, Rachel  1674Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I21028
13 HASKELL, Abraham  08 Mar 1701Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27649
14 HASKELL, Andrew  1711Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27651
15 HASKELL, Comfort  28 May 1717Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27659
16 HASKELL, Elizabeth  08 Nov 1723Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27671
17 HASKELL, Ezekiel  21 May 1733Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27677
18 HASKELL, George  18 Oct 1686Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27679
19 HASKELL, George  10 Feb 1729Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27678
20 HASKELL, Hannah  28 Jun 1703Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27686
21 HASKELL, Hannah  29 Feb 1728Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27685
22 HASKELL, Hubbard  03 May 1720Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27691
23 HASKELL, Jemima  02 Mar 1713Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27695
24 HASKELL, Jeremiah  1714Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27696
25 HASKELL, Job  27 Apr 1716Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27697
26 HASKELL, Joseph  20 Apr 1673Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27707
27 HASKELL, Joseph  16 Dec 1698Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27709
28 HASKELL, Mark  16 Sep 1687Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27725
29 HASKELL, Mary  04 Mar 1724Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27732
30 HASKELL, Moses  25 Dec 1705Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27740
31 HASKELL, Moses  25 Mar 1726Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27739
32 HASKELL, Nathaniel  16 Jan 1719Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27742
33 HASKELL, Rachel  13 Mar 1697Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27750
34 HASKELL, Rachel  06 May 1722Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27749
35 HASKELL, Stephen  07 Jul 1708Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27770
36 HASKELL, Stephen  28 Mar 1730Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27769
37 HASKELL, William  17 Jan 1726Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27775
38 ROBINSON, Florence  09 Apr 1877Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I46931


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COLLINS, Daniel  09 Aug 1810Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I12611
2 COLLINS, Eunice  26 Dec 1736Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I12618
3 ELWELL, Rachel  Abt 1732Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I21028
4 GRAVES, Mary  08 Apr 1733Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I25900
5 HASKELL, Elizabeth  08 Dec 1723Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27671
6 HASKELL, George  10 Nov 1686Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27679
7 HASKELL, George  19 Feb 1729Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27678
8 HASKELL, Joseph  11 Apr 1718Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27707
9 HASKELL, Joseph  12 Nov 1727Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27706
10 HASKELL, Mark  08 Sep 1691Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27724
11 HASKELL, William  20 Aug 1693Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27776
12 HASKELL, William  05 Jun 1708Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27777
13 HASKELL, William  10 Dec 1766Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I27773
14 HUBBARD, Jemima  01 Jun 1761Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I30769
15 LOBO, Annie Eveline  30 Jan 1963Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I36354
16 SOFFORD, William Holloway  20 May 1942Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I53724
17 TYBBOT, Mary  16 Aug 1693Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I57915


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 COLLINS, Sarah  25 Mar 1753Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts I12644


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COLLINS / COLLINS  07 Jan 1720Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts F21497
2 HASKELL / ELWELL  19 Mar 1696Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts F18762
3 HASKELL / HARDY  1639Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts F18768