Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts



Latitude: 42.0417525, Longitude: -70.6722767


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALDEN, Rebecca  Bef 1649Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I01657
2 BREWSTER, Mary  1713Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I07764
3 DE LA NOYE, Hester  Abt 06 Mar 1640Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I16739
4 DELANO, Beriah  May 1698Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I18023
5 DELANO, John  1644Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I18091
6 DELANO, Lieut Jonathan  1648Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I18095
7 DELANO, Mary  1635Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I18120
8 DELANO, Thomas  21 Mar 1642Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I18194
9 PARTRIDGE, John  29 Nov 1657Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I43450
10 PARTRIDGE, Mary  02 May 1693Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I43455
11 PARTRIDGE, Ruth  1647Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I43462
12 PRENCE, Jane  01 Nov 1637Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I45387
13 ROGERS, John Jr.  Between 1641 and 1645Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I47102
14 SAMPSON, Elizabeth  Abt 1648Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I47947
15 SAMPSON, Samuel  1646Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I47964
16 SEABURY, Samuel  20 Apr 1666Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I48881
17 SOULE, Susannah  Abt 1642Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I53869
18 SPRAGUE, Benjamin  15 Jul 1686Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I54218
19 STANDISH, Samuel  Abt 1680Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I54546
20 TRACY, John  1633Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I57426
21 WEST, Deacon Francis  13 Nov 1669Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I60416
22 WEST, Samuel  1643Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I60455


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BECKET, Marie  16 Dec 1676Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I04745
2 BRADFORD, Samuel  11 Apr 1714Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I07498
3 COLE, Grace  1688Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I12490
4 DELANO, John  Aft 05 Sep 1721Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I18091
5 DELANO, Philip  Between 11 and 24 Dec 1708Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I18149
6 DREW, Cornelius  16 Dec 1762Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I19908
7 KEMP, Patience  29 Oct 1676Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I32982
8 PARTRIDGE, George  Between 26 Jun 1682 and 10 Oct 1695Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I43447
9 PARTRIDGE, James  20 Jan 1743/4Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I43449
10 PARTRIDGE, John  05 Apr 1731Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I43450
11 SAMPSON, Elizabeth  Bef 11 Dec 1708Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I47947
12 STETSON, Mary  27 Sep 1727Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I55107
13 TRACY, Sarah  Between 28 Nov 1702 and 06 Oct 1708Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I57462
14 WADSWORTH, Christopher  1678Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I58794
15 WADSWORTH, John  3 May 1750Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I24867
16 WADSWORTH, Mercy  12 Nov 1820Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I24847
17 WEST, Samuel  08 May 1689Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I60455
18 WISWALL, Mercy  12 Nov 1716Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I24868


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DELANO, Philip  1638Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I18149


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ALDEN, Rebecca  Bef 13 Jun 1688Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I01657
2 DELANO, Beriah  05 Aug 1748Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I18023


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CAREY / GODFREY  04 Nov 1644Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F09746
2 SPOONER / DELANO  15 Nov 1713Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F16153
3 THACHER / PARTRIDGE  01 Jan 1669/70Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F09927
4 WEST / PARTRIDGE  26 Sep 1668Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F09926