Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALBANESE, Rocco A.  14 Aug 1915Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I381
2 ALTFATER, Frederick H.  14 Apr 1927Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I02026
3 ALTFATER, Mildred  26 Nov 1925Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I02028
4 DAUPHINAS, Joseph Marcel  21 Mar 1940Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I440
5 LAPERRIERE, Madeline Cecile  14 May 1930Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I432
6 MCDONALD, Joseph A.  11 Nov 1927Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I386
7 MORRONE, Alphonse Joseph  16 Apr 1923Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I433
8 NUTBROWN, James Conley  7 Jun 1927Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I95785
9 RAYMOND, Charles Paul  7 Apr 1909Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I76432
10 SLASON, Barbara Ann  28 Feb 1940Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I437
11 SLASON, Frank Delano   I435
12 SLASON, Joan Marie  13 Jul 1935Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I436
13 SLASON, John Alfred  10 Mar 1925Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I377
14 VIGEANT, Lucille  7 May 1927Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I378
15 ZIEGLER, Walter Hayward  22 Nov 1913Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I384


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ALBANESE, Rocco A.  25 Apr 2009Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I381
2 ALTFATER, Frederick  11 Jan 1957Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I02027
3 ANDRUS, Abraham  3 May 1693Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I02254
4 BELDING, Everett B.  2 May 1994Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I93827
5 BISHOP, Kenneth Earl  25 Jul 1988Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I102796
6 COLDWELL, Joyce M.  14 Jan 1992Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I93826
7 CRAY, Edith E.  17 Oct 1954Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I76431
8 FANCHER, Hannah H.  25 Feb 1911Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I76631
9 HICKOCK, Sgt. Samuel  Bef 5 Mar 1694/5Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I28586
10 HOYT, Hannah Marie  1904Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I76460
11 KNAPP, Lydia  1898Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I77099
12 LAMBERT, Mary Louisa  3 Feb 1903Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I76427
13 PARKINSON, Edward James  16 Nov 1980Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I43361
14 RAYMOND, Charles L.  11 Dec 1962Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I76428
15 RAYMOND, Charles Paul  18 Aug 1981Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I76432
16 RAYMOND, Lewis  22 Sep 1909Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I76246
17 SLASON, Barbara Ann  23 Dec 2017Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I437
18 SLASON, Charles Bentzlee  29 Jul 1953Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I50108
19 SLASON, Edna Louise  7 Apr 1981Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I50125
20 SLASON, Mildred  28 Mar 1980Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I50219
21 VIGEANT, Lucille  4 Jul 2011Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I378
22 WHITNEY, Harrison  1906Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I77097
23 ZIEGLER, Walter Hayward  2 Aug 1980Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I384


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 SLASON, Eugene Pulaski Jr.  1942Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut  I50141
2 UPSON, Hannah  20 Jul 1707Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut I58148


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
2 BURDON / SLASON  12 Jun 1891Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut F22362
3 ELWOOD / SLASON  11 May 1887Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut F22361
4 PIERPONT / SLASON  19 Feb 1903Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut F22374
5 SLASON / BRYAN  25 May 1887Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut F22368
6 SLASON / BURRITT  11 Apr 1889Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut F22369
7 SLASON / HELTON  06 Jun 1942Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut F22386
8 VEILLETTE / SLASON  29 Apr 1924Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut F22387


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   Family    Divorce    Family ID 
1 Dauphinas / SLASON  12 Jan 1973Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut F463