Sussex County, New Jersey


Latitude: 41.1288481, Longitude: -74.6868815


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANGLE, Sarah  4 Mar 1823Sussex County, New Jersey I94055
2 BANTA, Chale  14 Mar 1929Sussex County, New Jersey I94707
3 BELCHER, Cordelia A.  Abt 1868Sussex County, New Jersey I93981
4 BELCHER, David  Abt 1861Sussex County, New Jersey I93979
5 BELCHER, Margaret Rosette  18 Jun 1864Sussex County, New Jersey I93980
6 BERRY, Huldah F.  1864Sussex County, New Jersey I95398
7 CRUM, Violet May  12 Oct 1924Sussex County, New Jersey I94831
8 CRUM, William C.  20 Jan 1889Sussex County, New Jersey I94829
9 DENIKE, John Eldred  27 Jun 1876Sussex County, New Jersey I18339
10 DOYLE, Clarkson  14 Mar 1910Sussex County, New Jersey I1842
11 EVERMAN, Jenneti  Abt 1871Sussex County, New Jersey I94467
12 EVERMAN, Peter  Abt 1876Sussex County, New Jersey I94469
13 EVERMAN, Robert  Abt 1869Sussex County, New Jersey I94472
14 HAGGERTY, Atwood Edward  14 Aug 1912Sussex County, New Jersey I94496
15 HENDERSON, Daniel R.  29 Apr 1891Sussex County, New Jersey I96926
16 JONES, John D.  1 Sep 1888Sussex County, New Jersey I94769
17 KAYS, Henrietta  1862Sussex County, New Jersey I95406
18 KEYSER, Charles L.  Mar 1875Sussex County, New Jersey I94076
19 KEYSER, Martha L.  Abt 1874Sussex County, New Jersey I94077
20 LABARR, Kathryn I.  15 May 1911Sussex County, New Jersey I94960
21 LITTLE, Ira  8 Sep 1818Sussex County, New Jersey I36218
22 LOZAW, George J.  Sep 1909Sussex County, New Jersey I94632
23 NORMAN, William Horace  10 Sep 1887Sussex County, New Jersey I41433
24 PAULISON, Pearl  18 Jun 1903Sussex County, New Jersey I94307
25 PAULISON, Reginald  Jun 1908Sussex County, New Jersey I94310
26 PAULISON, Verna  Sep 1910Sussex County, New Jersey I94311
27 PIERSON, Asa Munson  2 May 1883Sussex County, New Jersey I94914
28 PIERSON, Oscar B.  Jan 1852Sussex County, New Jersey I94900
29 POLLISON, Roy Amzi  5 Mar 1906Sussex County, New Jersey I94309
30 ROME, Harold D.  23 Feb 1919Sussex County, New Jersey I95421
31 RUDE, Charles C.  Mar 1893Sussex County, New Jersey I64260
32 RUDE, Phillip Jacob  09 Sep 1887Sussex County, New Jersey I64258
33 SHELDON, Lucy  21 Apr 1911Sussex County, New Jersey I49425
34 SLIKER, Idelia Hannah  1872Sussex County, New Jersey I95385
35 SLIKER, Jacob S.  Aug 1856Sussex County, New Jersey I95387
36 SLIKER, Melcena Grace  21 Aug 1921Sussex County, New Jersey I94636
37 SPACE, John  3 Mar 1885Sussex County, New Jersey I94427
38 VEALEY, Martha E.  12 Oct 1896Sussex County, New Jersey I94591
39 WILLIS, Anna  23 Sep 1893Sussex County, New Jersey I61986
40 WILLIS, David W.  1862Sussex County, New Jersey I94039
41 WILLIS, Ethel Maud  22 Feb 1889Sussex County, New Jersey I62013
42 WILLIS, Isabella  02 Mar 1884Sussex County, New Jersey I62035
43 WILLIS, Lewis  21 Oct 1891Sussex County, New Jersey I62054
44 WILLIS, Mary  05 Jun 1875Sussex County, New Jersey I62066
45 WILLIS, Mary Elizabeth  29 Apr 1888Sussex County, New Jersey I62074
46 WOODS, Bessie  May 1878Sussex County, New Jersey I94652
47 WOODS, Frank R.  13 Jun 1891Sussex County, New Jersey I95625


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BABCOCK, Pvt. Peter P.  30 Jan 1918Sussex County, New Jersey I94109
2 BANTA, Chale  30 Dec 1929Sussex County, New Jersey I94707
3 CARD, Emeline  24 Apr 1894Sussex County, New Jersey I94440
4 COOPER, Belle  2 Jun 1899Sussex County, New Jersey I96918
5 DAVENPORT, Eva C.  20 Jan 1982Sussex County, New Jersey I94172
6 DUNN, William  24 Apr 1885Sussex County, New Jersey I96182
7 EGINTON, Nancy  27 Aug 2012Sussex County, New Jersey I63269
8 GOUCHER, Amelia D.  28 Nov 1957Sussex County, New Jersey I94492
9 KIMBLE, James Nelson  11 Sep 1923Sussex County, New Jersey I94215
10 LABARR, Kathryn I.  31 Jul 1996Sussex County, New Jersey I94960
11 LOZIER, Andrew S.  12 May 1914Sussex County, New Jersey I94827
12 MONTROSS, Mary Elizabeth  13 Feb 1965Sussex County, New Jersey I40169
13 MORRIS, William M.  19 Mar 1975Sussex County, New Jersey I95346
14 NORMAN, Henry James  11 Feb 1947Sussex County, New Jersey I95454
15 NORMAN, Mary Ann  9 Mar 1947Sussex County, New Jersey I94190
16 RUDE, Caleb  1942Sussex County, New Jersey I47595
17 SHELDON, Geneva  02 Dec 1918Sussex County, New Jersey I49404
18 SLIKER, Abraham L.  1963Sussex County, New Jersey I95386
19 SLIKER, Hanford J.  19 Sep 1986Sussex County, New Jersey I95344
20 SLIKER, Isaac Wintermute  14 Apr 1897Sussex County, New Jersey I95382
21 SLIKER, Lawrence Kelly  6 Jun 1964Sussex County, New Jersey I95372
22 SNYDER, Clara G.  31 Mar 1959Sussex County, New Jersey I53696
23 STRAIT, Rowena  15 Dec 1911Sussex County, New Jersey I55499
24 WASHER, Cornelia  12 Jul 1902Sussex County, New Jersey I96908
25 WILLIS, Jacob M. jr.  25 Oct 1989Sussex County, New Jersey I67752
26 WILLIS, Lewis  19 Dec 1891Sussex County, New Jersey I62054
27 WILLIS, Mary  16 Mar 1876Sussex County, New Jersey I62066
28 WILLIS, Mary Elizabeth  24 Jan 1978Sussex County, New Jersey I62074
29 WILLIS, Phebe Jane  18 May 1915Sussex County, New Jersey I62086
30 WOODS, Frank R.  22 Jun 1969Sussex County, New Jersey I95625