Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut


Latitude: 41.3358915, Longitude: -71.9058854


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AVERY, Temperance  14 Sep 1725Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88791
2 BABCOCK, Eunice  1712Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88738
3 BALDWIN, David  17 Aug 1741Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88762
4 BALDWIN, Elizabeth  6 Jul 1725Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I72830
5 BALDWIN, Elizabeth  23 Jun 1745Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88954
6 BALDWIN, Theophilus  23 Oct 1716Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88759
7 BILLINGS, Abigail  27 Oct 1726Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I06193
8 BILLINGS, Elizabeth  05 Jan 1713Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I06203
9 BILLINGS, Joseph  28 Jun 1692Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88650
10 BILLINGS, Joseph  17 Dec 1716Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I06213
11 BILLINGS, Mary  24 May 1755Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I06215
12 BILLINGS, Phebe  04 Apr 1714Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I06218
13 BILLINGS, Phebe  21 Mar 1738Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I89051
14 BILLINGS, Roger  19 Mar 1707/08Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I06219
15 BREED, Sarah  28 Dec 1737Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88730
16 BREWSTER, Elizabeth  15 Mar 1757Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88660
17 BREWSTER, Capt John  18 Jul 1695Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88658
18 BREWSTER, Jonathan  Nov 1664Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88659
19 BROWN, James  1 Jun 1696Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88681
20 BROWN, Jedediah  28 Apr 1709Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I28850
21 BROWN, Lucy  9 Mar 1755Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88934
22 BURCH, Jeremiah  14 Jul 1673Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88653
23 BURROWS, Amos  6 Aug 1714Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88691
24 BURROWS, Hubbard  10 Feb 1707Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I09318
25 BURROWS, Mary  4 Nov 1704Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I09320
26 BURROWS, Silas  4 Oct 1710Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88693
27 BURROWS, Rev Silas  8 Aug 1741Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I09322
28 BURROWS, Silence  1 Jul 1741Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88672
29 CHESEBROUGH, Elihu  30 Nov 1704Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I11206
30 CHESEBROUGH, Mary  30 Jun 1678Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I11243
31 CHESEBROUGH, Nathaniel  06 Jun 1760Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I11252
32 CHESEBROUGH, Rebecca  16 Nov 1707Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88709
33 CHESEBROUGH, Rebecca  16 Mar 1712Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I11260
34 CHESEBROUGH, Sarah  3 Feb 1700Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88829
35 DENISON, Abigail  1714Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I18348
36 DENISON, Ann  1695Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88707
37 DENISON, Anna  3 May 1724Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I18381
38 DENISON, Elizabeth  1712Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I18465
39 DENISON, George  1715Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I18495
40 DENISON, Grace Billings  24 Aug 1799Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88796
41 DENISON, Hannah F.  15 Feb 1827Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88752
42 DENISON, Joanna  1699Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I18541
43 DENISON, Joseph  26 Jan 1722/3Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I18575
44 DENISON, Mary  Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88708
45 DENISON, Nathan F.  7 Oct 1794Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88750
46 DENISON, Sarah  1706Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I18706
47 DENISON, Thomas  20 ot 1709Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I18729
48 EELLS, Benjamin  6 Sep 1763Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88435
49 EELLS, Rev Nathaniel  4 Feb 1711Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I88429
50 FISH, Aaron  1693Stonington, New London Co. Connecticut I22195

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