Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASHLEY, William  12 Dec 1708Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I02731
2 BLACKMER, John  22 Apr 1710Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I104066
3 BLACKWELL, John  21 Mar 1717/8Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I92957
4 BLACKWELL, Sarah  Abt 1714Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I92956
5 BLACKWELL, Seth  1 Nov 1729Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I92958
6 CLARK, Judith  26 Sep 1749Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I24852
7 CLARK, Lucy Augusta  20 Aug 1798Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I92597
8 CRAPO, Arista  07 Dec 1748Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I13532
9 CRAPO, Consider  25 Aug 1735Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I13631
10 CRAPO, Elnathan  10 Oct 1737Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I13696
11 CRAPO, Hannah  20 May 1758Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I13782
12 CRAPO, Jean  14 May 1750Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I13865
13 CRAPO, John  22 Feb 1711Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I13879
14 CRAPO, John  26 Feb 1739Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I13880
15 CRAPO, John  09 Jan 1758Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I13881
16 CRAPO, Joshua  28 Jun 1746Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I13924
17 CRAPO, Mary  17 Mar 1755Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I14012
18 CRAPO, Peter  04 Dec 1743Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I14098
19 CRAPO, Rest  11 Jan 1753Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I14144
20 CRAPO, Ruth Blackwell  08 Jul 1826Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I14179
21 CRAPO, Sarah  01 Feb 1740Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I14193
22 ELLIS, Dorothy  2 Sep 1722Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I103588
23 ELLIS, Joel  22 May 1745Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I101804
24 HAMMOND, Abigail  24 Mar 1714Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I43334
25 KINNEY, Jirah  22 Aug 1805Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I72762
26 MENDALL, Patience  3 May 1721Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I101808
27 RANDALL, Lydia  15 Jan 1709Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I53975
28 RYDER, Martha  11 Feb 1851Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I47788
29 SOUTHWORTH, Lois  10 Jan 1741Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I93464
30 SPOONER, Lucinda  1812Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I72759
31 TURNER, Elizabeth  12 Jan 1714Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I57811
32 VAUGHAN, Azuba H.  19 Feb 1833Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I85478
33 WING, Elizabeth  8 Dec 1731Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I100480


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CRAPO, John  04 Jun 1758Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I13881


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLARK, Sarah  24 Dec 1776Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I11733
2 CRAPO, Arista  07 Mar 1749Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I13532
3 CRAPO, John  22 May 1779Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I13879
4 CRAPO, John  12 Nov 1831Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I13881
5 HAMMOND, Abigail  1753Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I43334
6 SPOONER, Alden  1811Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I72758
7 TOBEY, Mary  1760Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I57164
8 VAUGHAN, Azuba H.  21 Sep 1912Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I85478


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Kinney / Durfee  25 Dec 1845Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F29454
2 SPOONER / RANDALL  4 Jan 1794Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F16056