Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COGGESHALL, Avis  22 Dec 1702Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12372
2 COGGESHALL, Caleb  17 Dec 1672Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12374
3 COGGESHALL, Caleb  Abt 1709Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12375
4 COGGESHALL, Daniel  Apr 1665Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12379
5 COGGESHALL, Hannah  Abt 1692Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12386
6 COGGESHALL, Humility  Jan 1670Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12387
7 COGGESHALL, Humility  Abt 1707Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12388
8 COGGESHALL, John  Dec 1659Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12389
9 COGGESHALL, John  Abt 1697Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12390
10 COGGESHALL, Joseph  22 Dec 1704Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12392
11 COGGESHALL, Joshua  May 1656Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12394
12 COGGESHALL, Joshua  Abt 1700Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12395
13 COGGESHALL, Josias  Nov 1662Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12396
14 COGGESHALL, Mary  Feb 1655Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12397
15 COGGESHALL, Mary  Abt 1687Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12398
16 COGGESHALL, Mercy  22 Dec 1704Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12400
17 COGGESHALL, Rebecca  Abt 1689Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12402
18 CORPE, John  Abt 1700Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I68020
19 CORPE, Rebecca  Abt 1705Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I68021
20 FISH, Thomas  01 Dec 1703Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I22221


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COGGESHALL, Daniel  17 May 1717Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12379
2 COGGESHALL, John  01 May 1727Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12389
3 COGGESHALL, John  Abt 1746Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12390
4 COGGESHALL, Joshua  01 May 1688Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12393
5 COGGESHALL, Joshua  04 Sep 1723Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12394
6 COGGESHALL, Joshua  Abt 1746Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12395
7 COGGESHALL, Josias  13 Aug 1738Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12396
8 STANTON, Mary  11 May 1747Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I54657
9 WEST, Joan  24 Apr 1676Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I60423