Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GATES, Abigail  07 Aug 1714Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I23968
2 GATES, David  07 Sep 1716Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I24058
3 GATES, Jonathan  04 Jun 1712Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I24225
4 GATES, Lucy  Dec 1717Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I24254
5 GATES, Martha  08 Apr 1722Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I24284
6 GATES, Samuel  Abt 1710Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I24397
7 HOLMES, Abigail  14 Jan 1730Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I29329
8 HOLMES, Ann  28 Aug 1719Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I29336
9 HOLMES, Ebenezer  28 Sep 1728Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I29358
10 HOLMES, Esther  27 Sep 1726Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I29370
11 HOLMES, John  13 Jan 1725Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I29410
12 HOLMES, Nathaniel  05 Jul 1723Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I29473
13 HOLMES, Rebecca  31 Aug 1717Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I29487
14 HOLMES, Sarah  24 Mar 1716Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I29503
15 PUTMAN, Rebecca Hall  04 May 1769Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I45639
16 SABIN, Capt Benajah  04 Sep 1720Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I47811
17 SABIN, Elijah  26 Aug 1726Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I47813
18 SABIN, Esther  07 Apr 1728Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I47814
19 SABIN, Jerusha  05 Sep 1724Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I47816
20 SABIN, John  26 Jul 1722Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I47818
21 SABIN, Capt Noah  27 Jan 1696/7Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I47821
22 WILLIAMS, Abijah  6 Jun 1722Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I89474


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DANA, Eunice  6 Sep 1811Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I89470
2 DARBY, William  10 Nov 1739Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I15081
3 DEMING, Esther  20 May 1728Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I18314
4 DRESSER, Jonathan  20 Mar 1744Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I19870
5 GATES, David  16 Sep 1716Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I24058
6 GATES, Jonathan  05 Mar 1719Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I24225
7 GOAD, Mary  5 Dec 1751Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I89473
8 HOLMES, Ebenezer  17 Jul 1797Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I29358
9 HOLMES, Jehoshaphat  01 Jun 1745Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I29401
10 HOLMES, Rebecca  24 Nov 1799Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I29487
11 HOLMES, Sarah  25 Jan 1786Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I29503
12 LEAVER, Sarah  10 Aug 1756Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I35536
13 NICHOLS, Lucy  22 May 1822Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I41344
14 PECK, Sarah  01 Oct 1738Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I43742
15 RUGGLES, Samuel  1744Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I47645
16 SABIN, Major John  22 Oct 1742Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I47819
17 SABIN, Capt Noah  07 Aug 1759Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I47821
18 WALDO, Sarah  13 May 1742Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I58930
19 WILLIAMS, Abijah  5 Mar 1781Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I89474
20 WILLIAMS, John  9 Dec 1765Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I61768
21 WILLIAMS, Mary  13 Apr 1768Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut I61812


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 SABIN / DEMING  17 Nov 1719Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut F09719
2 SABIN / WILLIAMS  30 Jun 1735Pomfret, Windham Co., Connecticut F09726