Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 EDWARDS, Sarah  08 May 1678Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I20586
2 GURLEY, Samuel  06 May 1686Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I26606
3 RUST, Nathaniel  Dec 1695Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I47734
4 RUST, Noah  24 Jul 1708Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I47738
5 SHELDON, Capt John  05 Dec 1658Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I49416
6 STEBBINS, Deborah  05 Mar 1671/2Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I54949
7 STEBBINS, Thankful  11 May 1678Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I54983
8 STODDARD, Esther  02 Jun 1672Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I55321
9 STRONG, Jerijah  12 Dec 1665Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I55573
10 STRONG, Keziah  01 Dec 1709Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I55576


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BARNARD, Abigail  18 Mar 1772Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I03854
2 COPLEY, Elizabeth  06 Dec 1712Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I13058
3 FORD, Hepzibah  11 Apr 1683Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I22823
4 FRENCH, Mary  26 Jan 1696/7Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I23414
5 GUNN, Mehitable  30 Jan 1720Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I103384
6 HOLTON, Samuel  14 Jul 1730Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I29532
7 HUNT, Lieut. Jonathan Jr.  1 Jul 1738Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I89002
8 INGRAHAM, Richard  Aug 1683Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I31805
9 LYMAN, Richard  3 Jun 1662Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I37317
10 MATHER, Rev. Eleazer  24 Jul 1669Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I38136
11 PHELPS, Nathaniel  27 May 1702Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I44150
12 RUSCOE, Patricia A.  27 Apr 2014Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I76755
13 STEBBINS, Rowland  14 Dec 1671Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I31799
14 STEBBINS, Thankful  24 May 1744Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I54983
15 STRONG, Jerijah  24 Apr 1754Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I55573
16 WILLIAMS, Martha  21 Mar 1751Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I89001
17 WOODFORD, Mary  1684Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I62623
18 WOODFORD, Thomas  6 Mar 1667Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts I65045


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 JUDD / ?  02 Dec 1679Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts F10490
2 SHELDON / STEBBINS  05 Nov 1679Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts F12215