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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact    Person ID 
1 ?, Nettie  1910Lists as being widowed I01054
2 BARE, Loretta R.  1910Lists as being widowed I03762
3 BEATTY, Caroline  1920Lists as being widowed I04641
4 BEATTY, Mary  1880Lists as being widowed I95033
5 BEATTY, Rebecca  1940Lists as being widowed I04681
6 BELCHER, John Amza  1940Lists as being widowed I94601
7 BISSELL, Jessie Jane  Lists as being widowed I06438
8 CARPENTER, Hannah  1860Lists as being widowed I10021
9 COFFIN, William H.  1900Lists as being widowed I70544
10 DAVENPORT, Harry  1920Lists as being widowed I95066
11 DAVIS, William Henry  1910Lists as being widowed I99079
12 DEWEY, Charlotte E.  1900Lists as being widowed  I18901
13 FISCHER, Kathryn Abbott  1910Lists as being widowed I22194
14 FREEMAN, Carrie  1930Lists as being widowed I98273
15 GATES, Vera  1930Lists as being widowed I97597
16 GILBERT, Letitia Jane  1900Lists as being widowed I67689
17 GRISWOLD, Edith Lilian  1910Lists as being widowed I26276
18 HALL, Antonette  1930Lists as being widowed I98276
19 HORTON, Jonathan Decatur  1910Lists as being widowed I29654
20 HORTON, Mary C.  1910Lists as being widowed I29660
21 LEXAU, Karen Marie  1900Lists as being widowed I00261
22 LOZAW, Mary E.  1940Lists as being widowed I63621
23 LUNT, Hilda B.  1925Lists as being widowed I74384
24 MANNING, Charlotte  1910Lists as being widowed I37675
25 MCLIN, Martha  1900Lists as being widowed I38429
26 MILES, Harriet  1900Lists as being widowed I98592
27 PATERSON, Agnes  1920Lists as being widowed I43509
28 RIKER, Smith H.  1900Lists as being widowed I95492
29 RIX, Anna Marguerite  1930Lists as being widowed I97376
30 ROSS, George  1940Lists as being widowed I94493
31 SHELDON, John J.  1900Lists as being widowed I49417
32 SILLIMAN, Louis Vernon  1920Lists as being widowed I49841
33 SLAUSON, Almira  1910Lists as being widowed I50300
34 SLAWSON, Dora Erline  1940Lists as being widowed I69985
35 SLAWSON, Monroe  1920Lists as being widowed I51993
36 SLAWSON, Nellie Grace  1900Lists as being widowed I96509
37 SLAWSON, Newell Merton  1910Lists as being widowed I96493
38 SPACE, John  1910Lists as being widowed I94427
39 TURNER, Isabelle  1905Lists as being widowed I57816
40 UTTER, Caroline  1940Lists as being widowed I63816
41 WILBER, Emma Gertrude  1920Lists as being widowed I68494
42 WILBUR, Ralph Emerson  1940Lists as being widowed I70703
43 WILLIAMS, Virginia E.  1900Lists as being widowed I100046
44 WILLIS, Martha Jane  1920Lists as being widowed I62063

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact 1    Person ID 
1 DEGRAW, Catherine J.  1940Lists as being widowed I00272