Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts


Latitude: 42.5750883, Longitude: -71.9981330


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BANCROFT, Laura Elvira  1813Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90998
2 FAIRBANKS, Louisa  7 May 1816Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91028
3 GATES, Abigail  24 Feb 1797Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90963
4 GATES, Abraham Abel  10 Jul 1793Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90904
5 GATES, Adeline  13 Oct 1840Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91012
6 GATES, Amos  6 Nov 1799Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90965
7 GATES, Anna M.  16 Oct 1807Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90991
8 GATES, Asaph  7 Dec 1794Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90961
9 GATES, Benjamin Adderson  26 Feb 1813Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90972
10 GATES, Bial  Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90994
11 GATES, Calvin  25 Feb 1838Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91024
12 GATES, Charlotte  11 Aug 1818Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90988
13 GATES, Clarissa  25 May 1806Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90969
14 GATES, Daniel M.  22 Apr 1806Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90983
15 GATES, Darwin  Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90993
16 GATES, Daughter  8 Feb 1803Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90967
17 GATES, Dennis  20 Feb 1812Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91000
18 GATES, Dolly  28 Jun 1818Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91003
19 GATES, Edwin  Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91022
20 GATES, Elizabeth  14 Sep 1769Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90981
21 GATES, Ezekiel  31 Oct 1789Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90979
22 GATES, Ezekiel  21 Sep 1809Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90992
23 GATES, Francis  28 Dec 1834Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91016
24 GATES, George  8 Jun 1826Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91007
25 GATES, Hiram  3 Jun 1842Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91021
26 GATES, Horace  27 Oct 1809Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90999
27 GATES, Isaac  24 Apr 1839Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91019
28 GATES, James Eliot  11 Jun 1810Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90971
29 GATES, Jeremiah  21 Mar 1792Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90960
30 GATES, Jeremiah K.  28 Sep 1808Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90970
31 GATES, Leonard M.  28 Jul 1810Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90985
32 GATES, Louisa  9 May 1806Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90996
33 GATES, Lucinda  9 Mar 1805Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90968
34 GATES, Lucy  8 Feb 1813Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90986
35 GATES, Lucy  26 Sep 1836Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91017
36 GATES, Luke  14 Feb 1796Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90962
37 GATES, Luther  6 Apr 1798Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90964
38 GATES, Maria  3 Nov 1831Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91009
39 GATES, Mary  19 Nov 1828Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91008
40 GATES, Mary  30 Oct 1837Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91018
41 GATES, Nathan  13 Apr 1791Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90959
42 GATES, Newell  14 Aug 1840Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91020
43 GATES, Phebe  26 Aug 1815Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90987
44 GATES, Pliny  Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90995
45 GATES, Samantha  25 Jul 1839Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91025
46 GATES, Samantha K.  23 Jul 1806Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90990
47 GATES, Sawyer  4 Sep 1841Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91026
48 GATES, Simon  28 Jul 1779Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90973
49 GATES, Simon Hazeltine  4 Nov 1807Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90997
50 GATES, Solomon K.  16 May 1821Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90989

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 CHAFFEE, Rufus  27 Dec 1875Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I73499
2 FAIRBANKS, Louisa  21 Jun 1887Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91028
3 GATES, Amos  8 Nov 1883Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90965
4 GATES, Daughter  12 Feb 1803Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90967
5 GATES, Dennis  8 Dec 1870Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91000
6 GATES, Elizabeth  21 Jan 1791Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90980
7 GATES, Elizabeth  21 Jan 1819Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90981
8 GATES, Ezekiel  2 Aug 1809Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90979
9 GATES, Louisa  29 Mar 1864Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90996
10 GATES, Luke  21 May 1796Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90962
11 GATES, Maria  3 Jul 1833Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91009
12 GATES, Mary  3 Jul 1833Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91008
13 GATES, Nathan  Apr 1830Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90957
14 GATES, Nathan  17 Jun 1865Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90959
15 GATES, Samantha K.  23 Nov 1820Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90990
16 GATES, Simon  11 Mar 1803Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I24436
17 GATES, Simon  13 Apr 1852Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90973
18 GATES, Susanna  29 Oct 1881Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90966
19 HEYWOOD, Seth  24 Aug 1826Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I28556
20 KEMP, Nancy  19 May 1896Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91014
21 KNOWLTON, Abigail  28 Jan 1855Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90958
22 RAY, Asa  8 Feb 1870Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I91031
23 TAYLOR, Sarah  31 Jul 1863Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I90974
24 TEMPLE, Martha  28 Jan 1817Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I56516


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Seaver / Fairbanks  9 Feb 1832Gardner, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F37975