Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts


Latitude: 42.5445588, Longitude: -72.6056435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARNARD, Abigail  3 Oct 1691Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I03854
2 BELDEN, Abigail  18 Aug 1690Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I04836
3 BELDEN, Abigail  04 Jan 1710/1Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I04837
4 BELDEN, John  25 Jun 1689Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I04901
5 CHILDS, Chloe  1749Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I11339
6 EDDY, John  17 Sep 1787Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I77023
7 HAWKS, Sarah  26 Jul 1701Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I27999
8 HULL, Elizabeth  23 Dec 1688Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I68606
9 KELLOGG, Capt. Martin  26 Oct 1686Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I25501
10 MITCHELL, Sarah  19 Feb 1698/9Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I103100
11 NIMS, Mehitable  16 May 1696Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I68616
12 NIMS, Thomas  8 Nov 1693Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I68615
13 SHELDON, Abigail  21 Nov 1689Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I65036
14 SHELDON, Ebenezer  15 Nov 1691Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I65038
15 SHELDON, Mercy  25 Aug 1701Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I65035
16 SMEAD, Elizabeth  24 Dec 1698Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I53145
17 WELLS, Daniel  Abt 1675Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I60180
18 WELLS, David  Abt 1685Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I60181
19 WELLS, Hepzibah  1686Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I60214
20 WELLS, John  Abt 1680Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I60233
21 WELLS, Mary  12 Nov 1673Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I60275
22 WELLS, Samuel  07 Jul 1688Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I60304
23 WELLS, Sarah  27 Jan 1675/6Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I60311
24 WELLS, Thomas IV  Abt 1678Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I60329


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ALVERSON, Elizabeth  19 Oct 1844Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I77030
2 BELDEN, Daniel Jr.  16 Sep 1696Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I04858
3 BELDEN, Thankful  26 Aug 1717Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I04993
4 DICKINSON, Abigail  Mar 1797Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I19034
5 EDDY, John  6 Feb 1834Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I77023
6 EDDY, Moses  30 Aug 1849Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I77029
7 FOOTE, Elizabeth  16 Sep 1696Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I22758
8 HULL, Elizabeth  21 Sep 1754Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I68606
9 HULL, Jeremiah Jr.  11 Dec 1691Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I68613
10 NIMS, John  29 Dec 1762Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I68604
11 NIMS, Thomas  10 Sep 1697Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I68615
12 NIMS/NYMM, Godfrey  Bef 11 Jan 1708/9Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I68598
13 WELLS, Hepzibah  25 Apr 1773Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I60214
14 WELLS, Jonathan Jr.  29 Apr 1780Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I60251
15 WELLS, Sarah  06 Jun 1693Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts I60311


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BELDEN / ARMS  02 May 1700Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts F06014
2 BELDEN / SMITH  22 Feb 1727Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts F08581
3 HOYT / EDWARDS  14 Apr 1699Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts F13423
4 PETTY / EDWARDS  02 Jun 1703Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts F12190