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there's alot of confusion because of the Bar, Bear, Bare, etc, spelling variations

Jacob Bare, also known as Jacob Bare, Sr. was born in 1776 according to the census records. His tombstone, however gives his date of birth as 1778. He died Dec. 13, 1859 at Hannibal, Monroe Co., Ohio and was buried in the Old Cemetery.

Jacob Bare, Sr. born est. 1775/8 d. 1859 in Baresville (now Hannibal), Ohio

Jacob?s 1st marriage was to married Mary Steele
Date: 16 Sep 1799

Jacob 2nd marriage was to Mary Stevens

Even though it states everywhere the children's mother was Mary Steele I have a document showing the children's mother was Mary Stevens.

Jacob and Mary Steven's children:

Mary b. 8 Jan 1801
William S. b.1805
Elizabeth 8 May 1803
Samuel died as infant
Susannah 8 Nov 1807
Jacob Jr. 18 Mar 1808
John 26 Feb 1810
Joseph 1 May 1812
Nancy 5 Dec 1813
David 1814?
Martin 20 Oct 1815
Martha 20 Aug 1817
Alexander 5 Jan 1821

Jacob was one of the original settlers in southeastern Ohio in the early 1800's. He called his spot on the Ohio River "Bare's Landing". Today it's the location of the Hannibal Dam & Locks. It was on the north or left side of the river and New Martinsville, WV is on the south side.

Jacob entered the Service when he lived in Northampton County,Pennsylvania and from then was removed to Westmoreland County where he resided. He was drafted one time and volunteered twice.

He came to Ohio from Hagerstown, Washington Co., Maryland; Allegany County, Pa.; and Berkeley County, West Virginia. There is said to be a copy of the Marriage Bond of Jacob and Mary Steele of Berkeley, West Virginia. The census shows Anne Bare as Jacob's wife. However it is possible that Mary Ann Bare used her middle name of Anne.

Jacob Bare owned all the land on which the town of Hannibal has since arisen. The record of Jacob?s acquisition of one hundred and five acres on January 26, 1811 is in the Court House at St. Clairsville, Ohio (page 221 Vol. "D" Deed Records). A Newspaper article published by the Wheeling, West Virginia "Sunday News" dated Dec. 5, 1913 is the source of much of the material in this article. The newspaper article was in commemoration of the 98th birthday of Nancy Bare-O'Neil who was Jacob Bare's ninth Child. Also from the same sources, Jacob was Justice of the Peace and that ?Father Bare came from Berkeley County, West Virginia.? I located in the Hardesty Book of Monroe County & Spirit of Democracy-Woodsfield, Ohio, that there were petitions filed before Justice of the Peace, Jacob Bare in 1876 & 1832. He was also listed as Post Master for Baresville. There is also a legal notice that Anne Bare, wife of Jacob Bare sold some property to Kasper Brown Vol. 1, Page 51.

Hannibal has not always been Hannibal. When Jacob Bare, Sr. first inhabited the area, the place was called Bare's Landing. Jacob Bare settled Bares Landing, Ohio Twp. Monroe Co., Ohio between 1806-1808. The tiny village was located on the bank of the Ohio River where the land was very low. After the first flood the settlers became convinced that they had better move to higher ground. The town lost eight homes during this flood. So, the town was moved northwest to where the terrain begins to rise abruptly (the move was less that 1/4 of a mile.) The name was changed to Baresville. The original town-site was later sold to the U.S. Government to become the location of The Hannibal Locks.
The change from Baresville to Hannibal was arbitrary and may be laid at the doorstep of the U.S. Post Office. They apparently felt that the original name was too easily confused with others in the same general area. In September 1819 a group of Swiss arrived at Bare?s Landing and was greeted by Jacob Bare. He spoke the German language and encouraged the new arrivals to purchase land in the steep hills that shadow the Ohio River


Jacob Bare Sr

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Name: Jacob Bare Sr
Event Type: Burial
Event Date: 1859
Event Place: , Monroe, Ohio, United States of America
Death Date: 13 Dec 1859
Affiliate Record Identifier: 130015732
Cemetery: Old Hannibal Cemetery


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