Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BIGELOW, Clara  29 Dec 1781Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I05993
2 BIGELOW, Daniel  Between 04 Jan 1728 and 1729Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I05995
3 BIGELOW, David  19 Sep 1730Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I05997
4 BIGELOW, David  04 Apr 1753Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I05998
5 BIGELOW, Dorothy  21 Sep 1768Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I06000
6 BIGELOW, Elijah  27 Mar 1737Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I06001
7 BIGELOW, Elizabeth  07 Mar 1759Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I06003
8 BIGELOW, Levi  20 May 1773Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I06020
9 BIGELOW, Lucretia  26 Mar 1767Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I06021
10 BIGELOW, Lydia  15 Oct 1761Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I06024
11 BIGELOW, Lydia  28 Oct 1764Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I06025
12 BIGELOW, Sarah  15 Aug 1755Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I06041
13 BIGELOW, Silas  05 Dec 1770Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I06043
14 BIGELOW, Silence  Between 29 Jan 1741 and 1742Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I06044
15 BIGELOW, Timothy Col.  02 Aug 1739Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I06046
16 BIGELOW, Tyler Esq.  13 Aug 1778Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I06047
17 BIGELOW, Walter  18 Nov 1775Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I06049
18 CHAMBERLAIN, Mary  30 Jul 1763Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I10597
19 HEYWOOD, Deborah  11 Apr 1736Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I28474
20 HEYWOOD, Elizabeth  14 Sep 1732Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I28481
21 HEYWOOD, Seth  04 Dec 1737Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I28556
22 HOLMES, Jacob Jr.  26 Dec 1735Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I29398
23 JONES, Lucy  Abt 1727Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I32411


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BIGELOW, David  20 Dec 1831Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I05998
2 BIGELOW, Elijah  1740Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I06001
3 BIGELOW, Lydia  Bef 1764Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I06024
4 BIGELOW, Timothy Col.  31 Mar 1790Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I06046
5 HEYWOOD, Daniel  12 Apr 1773Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I28469
6 MOULTON, Betsey  Mar 1860Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I70786
7 RYDER, Myron Wilber  Nov 1973Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I85601
8 STONE, Sarah  1730Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I55445
9 WILLINGTON, Hannah  10 Mar 1839Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I61971


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BIGELOW / BOND  21 Nov 1751Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F10371
2 BIGELOW / GATES  29 Nov 1753Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F08662
3 BIGELOW / HEYWOOD  07 Mar 1764Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F10300
4 CHILD / BIGELOW  08 Oct 1784Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F10369
5 CURTIS / HEYWOOD  15 May 1753Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F10298