Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CUSHMAN, Abigail  27 Oct 1743Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut I14815
2 CUSHMAN, Benjamin  08 Jun 1753Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut I14826
3 CUSHMAN, Hannah  19 Mar 1731Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut I14844
4 CUSHMAN, Job  16 May 1741Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut I14864
5 CUSHMAN, Joseph  23 Feb 1759Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut I14871
6 CUSHMAN, Joshua  27 Jan 1751Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut I14875
7 CUSHMAN, Lydia  15 Dec 1735Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut I14882
8 CUSHMAN, Mary  18 Jul 1746Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut I14889
9 CUSHMAN, Olderton  29 Sep 1748Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut I14894
10 CUSHMAN, Sarah  19 Mar 1731Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut I14921
11 CUSHMAN, Soloman  17 Feb 1733Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut I14922
12 CUSHMAN, William  26 Jun 1738Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut I14937


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLEVELAND, Paine  07 Feb 1851Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut I12027
2 CUSHMAN, William  27 Dec 1777Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut I14934
3 FENTON, Francis  15 Jan 1781Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut I21849