Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 LAY, Ezra  26 Apr 1752Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I35344
2 LAY, George Washington  Dec 1798Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I35345
3 LAY, Hannah  27 Apr 1754Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I35349
4 LAY, Jeremiah  13 Jan 1715Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I35361
5 LAY, John  28 Aug 1760Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I35368
6 LAY, Jonathan  1794Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I35377
7 LAY, Lydia Austin  06 Sep 1819Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I35391
8 LAY, Mary  21 Oct 1749Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I35395
9 LAY, Robert  09 Aug 1778Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I35419
10 LAY, Steuben  04 Mar 1787Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I35431
11 POST, Lydia  11 Jul 1734Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I67649
12 STANNARD, John  8 Oct 1722Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I67648


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHAPMAN, Nathaniel  Bef 08 Dec 1755Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I10804
2 DENISON, Joseph  1830Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I18574
3 DENISON, Mercy  03 Mar 1797Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I18631
4 LAY, Ezra  31 Jan 1793Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I35344
5 LAY, Jerusha  14 Apr 1862Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I35363
6 LAY, Sybil  26 Jun 1808Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I35432
7 POST, Lydia  7 Apr 1801Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I67649
8 STANNARD, John  27 Mar 1807Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I67648
9 STOKES, Richard  07 Nov 1848Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I55360


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 POST, Jedediah  29 Dec 1771Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut I45088