Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Mary  Abt 1625Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I24784
2 ADAMS, John  6 Mar 1657Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I01401
3 BENJAMIN, Caleb  Abt 1630Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I05575
4 BENJAMIN, Joseph  16 Sep 1633Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I05590
5 BENJAMIN, Joshua  Abt 1624Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I05593
6 BENJAMIN, Richard  Abt 1622Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I05602
7 BIGELOW, Isaac  19 May 1691Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I06008
8 BIGELOW, Joshua  05 Nov 1655Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I06018
9 BIGELOW, Samuel  28 Oct 1653Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I06036
10 BROWN, Capt. Abraham  26 Aug 1671Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89092
11 BROWN, Beulah  1736Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I08141
12 BROWN, Lydia  11 Nov 1663Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89259
13 BROWNE, Mary  24 Mar 1636Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I08542
14 CHILD, Zachariah  19 Nov 1763Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I11336
15 FERRIS, Peter  Abt 1633Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I21949
16 FLAGG, Elizabeth  22 Mar 1654/5Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I22514
17 FLAGG, Mary  14 Jun 1657Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I22515
18 KNAPP, Joshua  05 Jan 1634/35Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I34162
19 KNAPP, Ruth  06 Jan 1640/41Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I34180
20 LAMB, Isaac  1664Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I34777
21 LAWRENCE, Hannah  24 Mar 1661/2Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I86781
22 LIVERMORE, Martha  Abt 1651Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I36303
23 PAGE, Joseph  28 Feb 1679Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I43038
24 PATTERSON, Esther  10 Jan 1756Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I43545
25 PATTERSON, Mercy  1 Sep 1702Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I72658
26 PENDLETON, James Jr.  5 Nov 1650Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I88862
27 PENDLETON, Mary  Abt 1653Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I88863
28 SALTMARSH, Mary  01 Jun 1731Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I47934
29 SAWTELL, Bethia  Abt 1647Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I48277
30 SAWTELL, Elizabeth  01 May 1638Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I48267
31 SAWTELL, Enoch  Abt 1656Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I48270
32 SAWTELL, Hannah  10 Dec 1642Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I48271
33 SAWTELL, John  Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I48273
34 SAWTELL, Jonathan  24 Aug 1639Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I48276
35 SAWTELL, Obadiah  Abt 1649Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I48280
36 SAWTELL, Ruth  abt. 1650Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I48283
37 SHATTUCK, Hannah  1690Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I49298
38 SMITH, Daniel  01 Aug 1700Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I53257
39 WATERBURY, Rachel  abt. 1642Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I59462
40 WATERBURY, Sarah  abt. 1645Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I59472
41 WHITNEY, Elizabeth  23 Jul 1702Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I61113
42 WHITNEY, Isaiah  16 Sep 1671Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89264
43 WHITNEY, Dea. Joshua  5 Jul 1635Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I69290
44 WHITNEY, Mary  10 Sep 1731Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I61139
45 WHITNEY, Nathaniel  5 Mar 1675Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I69279
46 WHITNEY, Richard Jr.  13 Jan 1660/1Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I69281
47 WHITNEY, William  11 Jan 1706/07Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I61162
48 WOODWARD, Amos  Abt 1646Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I62696
49 WOODWARD, George  11 Sep 1660Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I3567
50 WOODWARD, John  20 Mar 1649Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I62711

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Dorothy  27 Jan 1673Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I33015
2 ?, Mary  Bef 17 Aug 1659Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I24784
3 BENJAMIN, Abigail  30 Oct 1704Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I05572
4 BENJAMIN, John  14 Jun 1645Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I05585
5 BENJAMIN, John  22 Dec 1706Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I05586
6 BENJAMIN, Mary  10 Apr 1646Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I05599
7 BENJAMIN, Richard  22 Dec 1706Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I05602
8 BIGELOW, John  14 Jul 1703Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I06010
9 BIGELOW, Samuel  Abt 1731Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I06036
10 BROWN, Capt. Abraham  27 Nov 1729Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89092
11 EDDY, John  26 Jul 1694Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89262
12 EDDYE, Abigail  20 May 1687Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I20492
13 FLAGG, Elizabeth  09 Aug 1729Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I22514
14 FLAGG, Mary  07 Sep 1720Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I22515
15 MIXER, Isaac  22/27 Nov 1716Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I40004
16 SAWTELL, Bethia  12 Oct 1714Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I48277
17 SAWTELL, Enoch  01 Mar 1741Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I48270
18 SAWTELL, Jonathan  6 Jul 1690Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I48276
19 TARBELL, Mary  25 Apr 1676Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I86780
20 WARREN, Mary  19 Oct 1691Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I59317
21 WHITNEY, John  1 Jun 1673Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I69298
22 WHITNEY, John  12 Oct 1692Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I69296
23 WHITNEY, Joseph  4 Nov 1702Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I92117
24 WHITNEY, Nathaniel  23 Sep 1730Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I69279
25 WHITNEY, Samuel  1730Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I92114
26 WOODWARD, George  31 May 1676Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I62706
27 WOODWARD, Nathaniel  28 May 1668Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89261
28 WOODWARD, Thomas  3 Sep 1666Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I89260


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 PAGE, Joseph  31 Dec 1679Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts I43038


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BIGELOW / BOND  29 Dec 1709Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts F10364
2 BIGELOW / FLAGG  Between 02 and 03 Jun 1674Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts F10365
3 BIGELOW / WARREN  30 Oct 1642Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts F10377
4 BIGELOW / WILLINGTON  10 Apr 1775Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts F10367
5 CHENEY / HOLMES  07 Oct 1691Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts F02995
6 EDDY / WOODWARD  6 Jul 1693Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts F36977
7 HAMMOND / HARRINGTON  29 Apr 1703Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts F08971
8 HAMMOND / SALTMARSH  05 Jun 1755Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts F08979
9 HUBBARD / BROWN  06 Sep 1704Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts F02945
10 WOODWARD / ?  Bef 1641Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts F04088
11 WOODWARD / HAMMOND  17 Aug 1659Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts F29503