Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Benjamin  20 May 1689Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I01773
2 ALLEN, Joseph  13 Oct 1653Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I01831
3 ALLEN, Mary  29 Jul 1644Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I01850
4 ALLEN, Richard  08 Nov 1655Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I01869
5 AYER, Hannah  21 Dec 1644Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I03112
6 BAILEY, John  18 May 1643Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I03360
7 BAILEY, Rebecca  24 Nov 1641Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I03379
8 BATT, John  4 Mar 1641Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I89587
9 BATT, Paul  18 Feb 1643Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I89588
10 CARR, Ann  15 Jun 1661Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I96430
11 CARR, Elizabeth  21 Apr 1642Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I96426
12 CARR, Hezekiah  27 Feb 1714Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I10090
13 CARR, John  14 Nov 1656Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I96429
14 CARR, Richard  16 Mar 1646Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I96428
15 CARR, Sanders  13 May 1674Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I96387
16 CARR, William  15 Mar 1648Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I96399
17 CODMAN, Catherine  1607Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I12257
18 DUDLEY, Ann  16 Oct 1641Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I19989
19 DUDLEY, Byley  27 Sep 1647Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I19995
20 EASTMAN, John  24 Aug 1675Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I20395
21 EASTMAN, Susannah  05 Nov 1673Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I20405
22 EASTMAN, Thomas  11 Nov 1646Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I20407
23 FREESE, James  Between 16 Mar 1666 and 1667Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I23377
24 HUBBARD, Dorothy  19 Apr 1673Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I30722
25 LADD, Lydia  08 Jun 1645Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I34636
26 MERRILL, Ruth  26 Jul 1711Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I39502
27 MORSE, Reuben  10 Mar 1768Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I40548
28 NOYES, Hannah  06 Jan 1765Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I41660
29 PAGE, Onesiphorus  Between 10 Feb 1678 and 1679Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I43043
30 PIKE, Mary  05 Aug 1647Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I44341
31 SINGLETARY, Eunice  07 Jan 1641/2Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I49942
32 SINGLETARY, Lydia  30 Apr 1648Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I49945
33 STEVENS, Nathaniel  12 Jun 1674Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I55191
34 WEED, Deborah  15 Jun 1659Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I59908
35 WHEELER, James  27 May 1667Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I91107
36 WHITTEN, John  Abt 1704Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I61175


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARTLETT, Anne  1712Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I04028
2 CARR, James  5 Aug 1726Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I10091
3 CODMAN, Catherine  31 Jul 1682Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I12257
4 DUDLEY, Margaret  Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I20039
5 GOODALE, Richard  12 Oct 1682Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I25512
6 HARRIS, Mary  23 Jan 1720/1Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27470
7 HUBBARD, Dorothy  05 Jul 1716Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I30722
8 MERRILL, Daniel  17 Jun 1717Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I39412
9 MERRILL, Hannah  24 Feb 1742Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I39433
10 MERRILL, Ruth  Between 29 Jan 1710 and 1711Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I39501
11 MOODY, Judith  Between 28 Jan 1678 and 1679Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I40196
12 PAGE, Onesiphorus  19 Jul 1746Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I43043
13 PARTRIDGE, William  5 Jul 1654Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I43466
14 PIKE, Mary  28 Apr 1695Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I44341
15 STEVENS, John  11 Apr 1662Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I55160
16 WEBSTER, John  12 Apr 1737Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I59795
17 WHITERENT, Dorothy  Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I61043
18 WINTHROP, Mary  12 Apr 1643Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I62353


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 LADD, Elizabeth  01 Nov 1640Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts I34561