Portsmouth, New Hampshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GREY, Martha Jane  Portsmouth, New Hampshire I26166
2 SHERBURNE, Andrew  Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49480
3 SHERBURNE, Daniel  Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49482
4 SHERBURNE, Dorothy  Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49483
5 SHERBURNE, Edward  Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49484
6 SHERBURNE, Hannah  Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49487
7 SHERBURNE, Henry  Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49489
8 SHERBURNE, John  Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49496
9 SHERBURNE, Jonathan  Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49497
10 SHERBURNE, Margaret  Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49498
11 SHERBURNE, Mary  Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49500
12 SHERBURNE, Richard  Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49503
13 SHERBURNE, Samuel  Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49505
14 SHERBURNE, Samuel  Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49504
15 SHERBURNE, Elizabeth  04 Aug 1638Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49485
16 SHERBURNE, John  03 Apr 1647Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49494
17 SHERBURNE, Sarah  10 Jan 1651Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49507
18 SHERBURNE, Rachael  04 Apr 1656Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49501
19 PENDLETON, Edmund  24 Jun 1665Portsmouth, New Hampshire I88867
20 PENDLETON, Ann  12 Nov 1667Portsmouth, New Hampshire I88684
21 FOLLENSBY, Anne  1668Portsmouth, New Hampshire I22645
22 PENDLETON, Caleb  8 Aug 1669Portsmouth, New Hampshire I88869
23 SHERBURNE, Henry  16 Feb 1674Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49490
24 KNIGHT, Elizabeth  8 Jul 1685Portsmouth, New Hampshire I68729
25 SHERBURNE, Henry  Abt 1709Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49492
26 WARNER, Sarah  16 Mar 1722Portsmouth, New Hampshire I59280
27 LANGDON, Mary  Abt 1736Portsmouth, New Hampshire I34873
28 LANGDON, Elizabeth  1737Portsmouth, New Hampshire I34859
29 LANGDON, Woodbury  1739Portsmouth, New Hampshire I34886
30 LANGDON, John  25 Jun 1741Portsmouth, New Hampshire I34865
31 LANGDON, Martha  Abt 1747Portsmouth, New Hampshire I34872
32 LANGDON, Abigail  1749Portsmouth, New Hampshire I34853
33 LANGDON, Henry Sherburne  09 Mar 1766Portsmouth, New Hampshire I34861
34 LANGDON, Woodbury  21 Feb 1768Portsmouth, New Hampshire I34884
35 LANGDON, Sarah Sherburne  05 Apr 1770Portsmouth, New Hampshire I34878
36 LANGDON, Woodbury  09 Oct 1774Portsmouth, New Hampshire I34885
37 MAY, Herbert Schaw  8 Sep 1879Portsmouth, New Hampshire I72724


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Rebecca  Portsmouth, New Hampshire I01100
2 GIBBONS, Ambrose  11 Jul 1656Portsmouth, New Hampshire I24746
3 SHERBURNE, Rachael  28 Dec 1656Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49501
4 SHERBURNE, Henry  Bef 08 Sep 1681Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49491
5 SYMONDS, Martha  12 Sep 1728Portsmouth, New Hampshire I55940
6 SHERBURNE, Henry  29 Dec 1757Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49490
7 SHERBURNE, Samuel  Feb 1765Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49504
8 SHERBURNE, Henry  1767Portsmouth, New Hampshire I49492
9 LANGDON, Woodbury  13 Jan 1805Portsmouth, New Hampshire I34886
10 LANGDON, John  18 Sep 1819Portsmouth, New Hampshire I34865
11 LANGDON, Abigail  01 Jan 1820Portsmouth, New Hampshire I34853
12 LADD, William  09 Apr 1841Portsmouth, New Hampshire I34724
13 LANGDON, Henry Sherburne  21 Jul 1858Portsmouth, New Hampshire I34861


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LANGDON, Woodbury  Portsmouth, New Hampshire I34884


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 FOLLETT, Elizabeth  21 Jul 1695Portsmouth, New Hampshire I22649


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / Knight  13 Oct 1720Portsmouth, New Hampshire F27676
2 HIGGINSON / CLEVELAND  20 Oct 1763Portsmouth, New Hampshire F23153