Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts



Latitude: 42.2418172, Longitude: -70.8897590


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHURCH, Deborah  13 Mar 1676/7Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I11466
2 FOLSOM, Ephraim  23 Feb 1654Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I22678
3 FOLSOM, John  Between 1640 and 1641Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I22690
4 FOLSOM, Mary  1651Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I22709
5 FOLSOM, Peter  1649Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I22723
6 HERSEY, Joshua  29 Mar 1678/9Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I92921
7 HOBART, David  7 Aug 1651Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I86838
8 HOBART, Hannah  5 May 1638Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I28967
9 HOBART, Israel  29 Jun 1642Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I86812
10 HOBART, Japhet  Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I86835
11 HOBART, Jeremiah  6 Apr 1631Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I86820
12 HOBART, Nehemiah  Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I86836
13 MARSH, Onisiphorus  1630Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I37920
14 MINER, Clement  1638Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I39893
15 MINER, Ephraim  27 Apr 1642Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I39906
16 MINER, Joseph  Bef 25 Aug 1644Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I39930
17 MINER, Thomas  1640Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I39959
18 THAXTER, John  1626Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I56596


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRADFORD, Alice  14 Jul 1746Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I07459
2 CHUBBUCK, Mary  12 Jun 1690Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I86845
3 CHURCH, Elizabeth  3 Feb 1658/9Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I88358
4 EELLS, Maj Samuel  21 Apr 1709Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I88351
5 HERSEY, Joshua  30 Sep 1740Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I92921
6 HOBART, David  21 Aug 1717Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I86838
7 HOBART, Elizabeth  26 Mar 1692Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I86822
8 HOBART, Hezekiah  11 May 1662Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I86846
9 HOBART, Ichabod  Jul 1636Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I86828
10 HOBART, Israel  3 Jul 1731Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I86812
11 HOBART, Rev. Peter  20 Jan 1678/9Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I86813
12 JACOB, Elizabeth  24 Nov 1725Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I31991
13 LINCOLN, Thomas  28 Nov 1708Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I86844
14 PECK, Rebecca  9 Sep 1693Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I86815
15 RIPLEY, John  3 Feb 1683/4Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I86823
16 THAXTER, John  14 Mar 1687Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I56596


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 FOLSOM, Ephraim  25 Feb 1654Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I22678
2 FOLSOM, Israel  26 Apr 1646Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I22683
3 FOLSOM, John  03 Oct 1641Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I22690
4 FOLSOM, Mary  13 Apr 1651Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I22709
5 FOLSOM, Nathaniel  02 Jun 1644Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I22718
6 FOLSOM, Peter  08 Apr 1649Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I22723
7 FOLSOM, Samuel  03 Oct 1641Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I22730


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRADFORD / HOBART  25 May 1664Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F07478
2 EARLE / RUST  1665Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F16957
3 MASON / HOBART  10 Oct 1679Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F03316
4 THAXTER / JACOB  04 Dec 1648Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F12836