Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut



Latitude: 41.7637111, Longitude: -72.6850932


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 EDWARDS, Jonathan  20 Jan 1693Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I20573
2 EDWARDS, Richard  16 May 1647Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I20583
3 HOOKER, Hannah  Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I84942
4 HOOKER, Nathaniel 2d  1710Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I88399
5 INGERSOLL, Dorothy  1654Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I64478
6 KIRBY, Sarah  16 Jan 1654Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I34072
7 MARSH, Ensign Daniel  1709Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I89153
8 MARSH, Capt. Joseph  Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I37910
9 MARSH, Ensign Joseph  5 Dec 1699Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I89147
10 MARVIN, Abigail  Between 1636 and 1638Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I38017
11 STANLEY, Elizabeth  Abt 1635Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I54576
12 STANLEY, Hannah  02 Jun 1635Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I54579
13 STANLEY, Mary  8 Oct 1677Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I54566
14 STANTON, Joseph  1646Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I54635
15 WOODBRIDGE, Susanna  1702/3Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I62582


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BARTLETT, Deborah  18 Mar 1646/7Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I83146
2 BENTON, Andrew  23 Aug 1719Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I05683
3 BENTON, Kezia  19 Sep 1714Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I05715
4 BENTON, Martha  13 Nov 1720Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I05722
5 BULL, Major Jonathan  25 Mar 1649Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I83326
6 COWLES, Sarah  7 Feb 1646/7Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I83147
7 KEELER, Rebecca  9 Feb 1650/1Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I32792
8 WHITING, Rev Samuel  24 Apr 1670Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I83329


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Elizabeth  23 Feb 1679Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I83154
2 ?, Hannah  16 Mar 1683/4Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I83144
3 ?, Susanna  12 Aug 1680Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I99879
4 ALLYN, Mary  14 Dec 1724Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I83317
5 BENTON, Andrew  31 Jul 1683Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I05684
6 BULL, Major Jonathan  17 Aug 1702Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I83326
7 COWLES, Hannah  4 Feb 1689/90Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I13359
8 EDWARDS, Jonathan  21 Mar 1693Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I20573
9 HOOKER, Rev Thomas  7 Jul 1647Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I29560
10 HUBBARD, Samuel  04 Nov 1732Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I30859
11 OLMSTEAD, Capt Nicholas  31 Aug 1684Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I41953
12 PANTRY, John  Bef 25 Nov 1653Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I43213
13 READE, Elizabeth  24 Nov 1672Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I87513
14 SKINNER, John  30 Oct 1650Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I50058
15 STILLMAN, Abigail  8 Aug 1818Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I97912
16 TREAT, Susannah  1705Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I82886
17 TRUMBULL, Gurton  28 Dec 1903Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I89440
18 TUTTLE, Anna  9 Aug 1683Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I00164
19 WELLES, Thomas  1668Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I60156
20 WHITING, Rev John  8 Sep 1689Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I83314
21 WOODBRIDGE, John  06 Feb 1696/7Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut I62566


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gillett / Kelsey  23 Apr 1661Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut F27160
2 Kelsey / Disborough  1668Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut F27161